Prophetic Dream Forecasts Possible Chaotic Events Preceding the 2024 Presidential Election

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Just recently, upon awakening, I heard a voice that I believe was divinely inspired say: “1851 Insurrection.”

Immediately, I was struck with the uniqueness and strangeness of that statement—primarily because I was completely unaware of its historical context. Having no knowledge of such an event in the past, I was also oblivious to any possible future application—until I started digging online to find out the meaning of what God had spoken.

When I typed in a Google-search, much to my amazement, I discovered that phrase—”1851 Insurrection”—described an actual happening that took place in France that apparently was used as a symbol of what could possibly happen in the next few years in the United States.

Here is the backstory:

Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte (later to be called Napoleon III) was president of France. He strategically planned and executed a staged coup—while he was still in office. Acting out the subduing of the planned “anarchistic” uprising enabled him to stay in power and implement his reform programs, which included universal male suffrage—a broadening of the voter base.

That law made it legal for every man to vote regardless of income, property, religion, race or any other categorization. Universal male suffrage had previously been abolished by the assembly, because Bonaparte won over 70% of the vote when it was passed. The establishment was against that and wanted to push him out.

Bonaparte knew that rescinding that law would most likely result in an election loss for him and help his political enemies achieve their goal. So, he planned and staged the 1851 Insurrection against himself to justify the seizing of more presidential control. It worked.

Wikipedia adds, “The continuation of his authority and the power to produce a new constitution were approved days later by a constitutional referendum, resulting in the Constitution of 1852, which greatly increased the powers and the term length of the president. A year after the coup, Bonaparte proclaimed himself “Emperor of the French” under the regnal name Napoleon III.”

Relating this historical red-flag operation to our present-day situation in the United States of America points to two possible fulfillments:

Already Fulfilled

This prophetic word could relate to something which has already happened, which some media voices have mislabeled an “insurrection”: Jan. 6, 2020. Many respected news analysts feel that fiasco was at least partially planned and orchestrated by certain officials within the government just as it was in Napoleon III’s day.

Many voices have questioned the official narrative, suggesting that instead of an insurrection, it could have instead been an intentional infiltration of an otherwise peaceful assembly by radical leftists, who instigated more destructive actions and then blamed it on the conservatives. This allowed the Left to sway public opinion and set the stage for them to seize power through election manipulations and illegal activities, which are still being exposed by those investigating that whole debacle. Though this could be the fulfillment of the vision, it doesn’t really dovetail with the historical symbol that the Spirit of God referenced.

Yet to Be Fulfilled

Most likely, this prophetic word is yet to be fulfilled, something that will take place before the upcoming presidential election. The corrupt political Left and the radical globalists who undergird them surely fear that in a completely fair election they would lose, so they may resort to some kind of red-flag, manufactured crisis that they can then blame on the conservatives (who have been labeled the “new domestic terrorists” and scornfully described as “Trump supporters”). This would be done to accomplish two things: first, keeping Biden or some other liberal, Democratic figurehead in office; and second, to further enhance and enforce dystopian domination of our nation and world.

We will see how all of this plays out. Let me emphasize, the spoken phrase was “1851 Insurrection.” God would not have communicated that unless dire circumstances were about to unfold before our eyes that could potentially shift us into an even more intense 1984-level of governmental control (referencing George Orwell’s novel, 1984.

Furthermore, just as Napoleon III depended on grassroots support among the poor, common people in his bid for power, so the present open-border policy and the influx of illegals into this country are both intended to strengthen the hold of politicians committed to a leftist socialist agenda as well as being useful in manipulating upcoming elections.

Finally, you must remember that God gives a prophetic word, not because the outcome is irreversible and unchangeable, but quite the opposite—that through prayer and intercession, forecasted situations can be reversed. So, pray, sons and daughters of the kingdom. God can still create chaos in the enemy camp while God’s people shout the victory.

Check out the story of Jehoshaphat in 2 Kings 20 and be convinced. {eoa}

Mike Shreve has taught on comparative religion for over 40 years. In 1970, he was a teacher of yoga at four universities, deeply involved in eastern religions and new age spirituality. Then he was born again: an encounter with Jesus that radically changed his heart, his life and his worldview. Both Christians and non-Christians are benefited by his comparative religion podcast titled Revealing the True Light on the Charisma Podcast Network (, as well as the video version on YouTube: His best-selling book In Search of the True Light compares over 20 religions and, along with his comparative religion website, has pointed thousands of seekers to the gospel. He is the founder of The True Light

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