Prophetic Dream: Allow the Holy Spirit to Transition Your Destiny

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Some years ago, I had a profound and prophetic dream that I knew was from the Lord. He has been impressing upon me to share it, as it will help many who are in transition.

The dream had five distinct segments, each revealing transitions in the journey of fulfilling our destiny, being led by the Holy Spirit.

The Dream

The first segment was black and white. I was on a mountain, crouching against bare boulders. I didn’t realize the height until airplanes began flying next to me. They were solid gray and looked like fighter planes.

Many were coming, closer and closer until they were nearly brushing me. The noise and wind were intense. I realized I was holding a baby; it seemed the planes were trying to attack us. I was aware it was a situation to bring fear, but I was not afraid; I knew I was protected. I began looking for the way of escape. I turned and faced what seemed to be a wall of boulders.

As I looked closely, I saw a weather-beaten door. It was like an optical illusion of a small shed blending into the boulders. The wood was as gray and textured as the rocks; a person not looking for or expecting a way of escape would have missed it. I opened the door and saw a dark stairway leading to a basement. The walls were earthen, and the steps worn and unpainted. I descended the stairs to another door.

I opened the door to a brightly illuminated, pure white room. The left side was furnished with a sink and toilet. On the right, there was what seemed a window in the floor—a rectangular frame of white wood encompassing the most beautiful shade of azure blue water I have ever seen. It was very surreal; I felt a strong urge to jump in and swim into another realm. My senses were very alert; I was strongly protective of the baby.

I looked closer and saw that what seemed water was a thick, gel-like substance that could be a toxic chemical. In the dream I discerned it was an illusion meant to intrigue and lead into danger. I turned and saw an open wall into space with paving stones that seemed to be floating. I had no fear and walked forward.

Next, I was in a house with many rooms. The colors were subdued earth tones, the lighting dim and shadowy.

Each room was filled with people that I knew from ministries I had been involved with in recent years. They were all engaged in quiet conversation and minimal activity. These were people I could relate to and had ministered with, but none of these relationships were intimate or deep. I felt a need to change my clothes, but every room was full.

I sensed I did not belong there and knew it was time to move on.

I was now in another location, and no longer carrying the baby. {eoa}

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Alane Haynes is an author, speaker and apostolic/prophetic teacher. Alane has authored four books: Moses: Shocked in the Desert, Learning God’s Ways So We Can Enter the Promised Land, birthed from a prophetic dream and written from subsequent nights of being awakened by the Holy Spirit to “write what I tell you;” an accompanying Moses…. Study Guide; Called Unto His Presence, a compilation of Holy Spirit-inspired poetry; and Too Many Voices: My Journey from Confusion to Clarity. Alane’s prophetic blogs have been featured on Elijah List, Spirit Fuel and other platforms.

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