Prophecy: This Is a Summer of Saturation

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What are you going to do with your life this summer? I really feel that this summer is a summer of saturation. I believe this is a summer where God is calling us to saturate ourselves in four things: prayer, praise, purpose and people.

Saturation is when no more of something can be absorbed, combined or added. What if God not only met your expectations, but instead, He maximized everything He promised you, and this summer, a saturation happened in your life?

I believe God wants to saturate His people in this season so we are so full of Him that we are able to give to those who may be dry or weary. God sees those who are in these dry places, and He comes to saturate us with Himself so we can be a wellspring of life, refreshing and encouragement to those we are around.

I believe God wants us to be saturated in the place of prayer. If your prayer life has been dry or has had gaps, you need to take advantage of this summer of saturation and become saturated in the place of prayer. Prayer shifts things in our own lives, in our families; and prayer moves mountains. When the Lord began to speak to me about being saturated in prayer, I was reminded of the Scripture that talks about how day and night, incense rose to the Lord for the altar. We need to let our prayers be heard day and night. We need to be prayerful people in this season and saturate ourselves in those things that God is wanting us to believe for.

The second thing I believe God wants us to be saturated in this summer is praise. Praise is a weapon we can use to get past the enemy, obstacles and situations you may be going through. Praise will break down any wall or mountain that stands in front of you. I often wonder what would happen if we got our eyes off what we’re going through and began to praise the Lord? What would happen if we began to saturate our homes with praise? Our words have creative power, and when we begin to let praise come out of our mouth, we become a voice of encouragement for everyone around us.

This summer, we need to block out all the negative things that may be going on and use praise as an avenue for God to breakthrough. Praise is a powerful weapon, and it will change your situation. Philippians 4:6 in the Passion Translation says, “Don’t be pulled in different directions or worried about a thing. Be saturated in prayer throughout each day, offering your faith-filled requests before God with overflowing gratitude.” Some of you even now need to begin to thank God for what He is going to do in your life. You may not see any outward signs of the promise right now, but you just need to go ahead and begin to thank God for His promises.

The next thing the Lord spoke to me about was being saturated with purpose. God never sent anyone to the earth without an assignment. The Bible says God had a plan for us before we were ever even formed in our mother’s womb. If your purpose is to sing, you had better sing like you never have before. If your purpose is to write, you need to spend this summer saturating yourself in writing and scripting what God is calling you to write. If your purpose is to be a parent, then you need to saturate yourself in the best books and most encouraging blogs about how to raise your children. When we begin to see our purpose as our blueprint and our guide that God has given us for our lives, we won’t neglect it. This summer saturate yourself in the purpose God has given you.

And finally, the fourth thing God spoke to me about was to saturate yourself with people. Not just anyone, but find people who are in your corner and speak your language. You need to get away from toxic people who rob you of your purpose and start surrounding yourself with people who love God as you want to love God. You need to saturate yourself with people of great faith and boldness.

If you want to overflow and be a fountain from which others can come and drink, saturate yourself this summer in prayer, praise, purpose and people. I believe God is going to shift things for you this summer. Even if there is nothing in the natural that looks like your promise right now, saturate yourself this summer and see what God will do. I believe this is a season where God is going to saturate you, and what you are believing for is going to manifest on the other side of this summer of saturation! {eoa}

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