Prophecy: God Is Raising Up Statesmen, Stateswomen in This Hour of COVID-19

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Rev. Betty King

What is Stream of Hope? The media is useful in many ways, but in this time, it is being used to produce so much fear. Sadly, unwittingly to many believers, they are being used as announcers of that which has empowered a snake which has gradually become a dragon.

In view of that, the Lord spoke to me to initiate that which has been initiated, as many are already doing it: The hope stream. The aim of the hope stream is to turn this thing on its head. Instead of the one person or one leader livestreaming for everybody listening, which can be done, they empower everyone in the church that is able to do a livestream, spontaneously, at the same time.

For instance, the leader chooses a time in the day with a given Scripture, and the members of the congregation who are able then go live. They go on and encourage people about the love, the hope and the peace of Jesus Christ—nothing to do with a virus.

Aims of Stream of Hope

  1. To get everyone in the church to engage. Instead of sitting to watch what others are doing, church members will engage that same focus on sharing the teaching or the discipleship going on in their own local churches so they then disciple others on their platform who are not saved.
  2. Protect their leadership in this hour. In interpreting Micah 5, it seems as though this virus is actually looking to strike certain leadership but as the formation is put in place, the strength of the united will be able to speak the will of God into nations.
  3. Weekly instruction. The third aim is that the leaders on Sunday, or once a week, will give the instructions from the church and equip their members to go out there and be the light. So, this will be done once a week until we become the anti-virus.

The Leadership of the Church

As I sat with the Lord, I saw statesmen and women being raised up in this hour. I also feel that leaders will be shown clearly, even in dreams, as to what to do to preserve the future that is coming.

Streams of Hope takes the burden off your shoulders because everybody who can engage is engaged. Even the old ladies can do a livestream to their friends. This keeps everyone’s mind going and removes the spectatorship that brings so much confusion.

We pray that this ministers to you as you choose the time of day to start this anti-virus of hope to replace the fear and defeat that this world is trying to get into the minds of people.

Rev. Betty King is a world-renowned speaker and prophetess. She is a true embodiment of the Father’s love and compassion. Her passion to fulfill God’s call has seen her travel to all the continents, moving in the prophetic, touching and transforming many lives, and rekindling hope. She is a woman full of love, wisdom, kindness, hope, compassion and grace.

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