Prophecy: God Is Issuing Restraining Orders Against the Enemy

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Nate Johnston

For months now, the air has been swirling with interference because we are in a season of birthing the new—from new and fresh blueprints, ideas, strategies and out-of-the-box revelation to direction, clarity, creativity, messages and movements that all need to be brought forth … from dreams and downloads to the church breaking out of old mindsets, wineskins and tired and “stuck” ways.

The enemy knows how important this push is, and so in this critical moment, he has been trying to hit us on all sides to delay or stop the birth. It’s like when you begin to feel the contractions, but then suddenly you are hit with an unexpected emergency that snaps you out of that rhythm. The interruptions have been endless and nonstop. If you are birthing, then you know what I am talking about.

So many of you have been experiencing spiritual bullying and assault for months now, because the enemy is afraid of what you are stepping into and birthing. He’s seen that you haven’t backed down, even when he tried to take you out in 2021. Now you are ripe and ready to step into your comeback season, so he has doubled down to crash your victory.

His tactic has been simple—to surround you and distract you with multiple assignments and diversions; and in the last few months, and increasingly in the last few weeks, this has gone to another level.

Some Signs of the Swirl

These are some of the things I have discerned taking place:

  • Witchcraft and chatter. This is where the enemy prods people to talk about you, assume your motives and character or be jealous of you/competition.
  • Character assassination. This is where the enemy stirs people to curse you in the spirit, which unleashes a firestorm of problems to come your way.
  • Strife and relational disconnect. This comes at core relationships and intimacy/communication in marriage, and wars against you being on the same page.
  • ‘Fear-bombing’: being hit with foreboding and irrational worries and outcomes.
  • Warfare dreams and night disruptions: sleeplessness, anxiety and tormenting thoughts at the same time every night.
  • Repetitive dreaming. God may actually highlight the direction the words are coming from by showing you over and over.
  • Territorial confrontations. This is where the enemy wants you to step back by enlisting threatened and insecure people to come at you, marking their zone and giving you the verbal “shove back” into your box.
  • Narcissistic encounters and gaslighting. This is where you get hit with encounters where people are suddenly belittling you and cutting you down to cause you to give up.
  • Random people pop-ups. In times like this, you’ll notice that people who have been famous for speaking against you will suddenly contact you out of nowhere trying to engage in relationship or conversation.
  • Information requests. This is where you will suddenly get bombarded with random messages and people who aren’t in your inner-circle wanting information about your life, what you are doing and where you are going. Don’t give it to them! Witchcraft operates on information!
  • Information overload. This is where you are bombarded by news, opinions, bad reports and unnecessary information that seem to affect your ability to think clearly or to spiritually discern and see correctly.
  • Surveillance spirits. In the same way that information fuels spiritual chatter, the enemy sends spirits to surveil you and often through people scrolling and secretly searching for information about you. Shut them out! Ask God to show you who the ‘lookers’ are.
  • Soulish claims made on you. This may sound strange, but I have discerned people who believe they own you, or have some claim of ownership over you in some way. This can often be family, parents or past leaders. This is a demonic contract you need to tear up!
  • Prayers of harm. This is where people straight-up pray words of harm and sickness over you and blindly feel justified in their conviction to do so.
  • Favor doors’ shutting. This is where people pray and speak that God would humble you and close doors. This comes from a place of insecurity, not protection, like they believe.
  • Opportunities and sideshows. These are great opportunities that appear out of nowhere and are sent to get your eyes off of what you are birthing.
  • Wrong partnerships. This is when the enemy uses manipulative people to convince you to partner with them, but they are just there to steal from you and ride the blessing you went through hell for.
  • Job’s friends. This is where the enemy sends friends that are “earthly wise,” fickle and will stab you in the back when you are away so that you feel like you can’t trust anyone; instead of having the right people in the delivery room, you have none and step out lonely.
  • Pressures and expectations. These are unexpected pressures and expectations that come at you from every angle to burn you out and steal your energy.
  • The silent treatment. This is where you feel a muzzling of your mouth. You have much to say but feel like somehow there is something in the way or preventing you from speaking up.
  • Creative block and confusion. This is where your spirit is brimming and ripe with revelation and creativity but the words and ideas just aren’t connecting. It feels like you are under a cloud of confusion and heaviness and are getting more and more frustrated as time goes on.
  • Red tape and messes. This is where simple processes seem to get held up, tied up or delayed. It’s where you feel like you have 20 messes around you and other time-consuming tasks to do.
  • Tech crashes and cyber warfare. This is where computer crashes, website crashes, constant tech problems, trolls, bots and online situations occur that you don’t normally have. This is cyber warfare and a war against your voice.
  • Strange health issues: back, neck and nerve pain; headaches, vertigo and nausea coming out of nowhere.
  • Financial hold-ups. This is where, for no reason, you have issues with things like payment and bank hold-ups.
  • The dogs barking around you. This is where the enemy stirs up strife nearby, in multiple places, trying to tempt you to throw a rock in.
  • The checkout. This is where the enemy convinces you that it’s time to pay the check and run; it’s been too hard and too long and you just want to settle and forfeit the call.

Do any of these seem familiar to you? Did you recognize them at the time? {eoa}

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