Prophecy: God Is About to Multiply Your Dreams, Destiny, Doors and Dimensions

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Recently, I have been praying about multiplication. I’ve been praying that we wouldn’t just see addition but instead we would see multiplication in the church. I’ve also been praying that I wouldn’t see people just adding a few things into their life, but that there would be multiplication and quick growth in people’s lives and in the body of Christ.

As I was praying about multiplication, the Lord gave me four areas that He is going to bring multiplication in and they all start with the letter D. The 4 words were dreams, destiny, doors and dimensions.

The first word the Lord spoke to me about was “dreams.” This is the season that so many are going to start living their dreams. Each time the Lord spoke to me about this, He did not say, “dream,” as in just one dream. Instead every time I heard it, it was “dreams”—more than one dream, as in multiplication.

Many people do not think God pays attention to the details of their lives. If you are believing for God a new house, you can’t just pray for a new house. Start dreaming about what you want the kitchen to look like, about what kind of light fixtures you want. Get specific. This is a season where God wants to multiply your dreams. You may have a dream job, a dream vacation; you may have dreams about specific things you want to do with your children. You have many dreams in your heart, and now is the time to get specific with those dreams. The Lord is saying, “There is a multiplication that is coming to the dreams.” Don’t limit God; allow God to dream through you. And dream big!

I recently shared this, but think about Hannah in the Bible. She was crying out to God to give her a baby, a baby boy. But God wasn’t just interested in giving her one child. He wanted to multiply her by giving her several children.

The second thing the Lord spoke to me about was “destiny.” Destiny is the deep thing God has placed inside you. Destiny is like a seed the Lord has planted deep inside you, and it will not go away. Someone recently asked me, “Joe, how do you do what you do? You have a great marriage and kids; your family life seems great. You also have a great church, apostolic network and you write tons of material. You’re always doing videos and traveling all over America. How do you do all of this?!”

My simple answer was, “Destiny.” When you start going and flowing with God, your destiny begins to be multiplied. You don’t do just one thing; you do multiple things. As God multiplies your destiny, He will empower you to do multiple things. Don’t limit God in your destiny. It’s much bigger than you think.

The third word the Lord spoke to me was “doors.” Not a door but doors. Many people are waiting for God to just open one door. God doesn’t just want to open up one door for you; He wants to open up multiple doors. I recently had a vision where I was walking down a hallway and there were doors all along its sides. I kept walking straight ahead and came to a door directly in front of me. I opened the door, and as I walked through it, I came upon another door. I opened it and walked through the next door, and another door opened to me. This happened many times. What God was showing to me in this vision is this is a season of multiplied doors. God is sending open doors to you, one right after another, after another. You don’t have to look for doors of opportunity; open doors will find you. You don’t have to ask for favor; the favor of God will find you. If you are faithful to stay in the secret place of fasting, prayer and seeking, the Lord God will open doors for you. You won’t have to go looking or knocking on doors. As you stay humble and walk in humility, God will open up doors for you that you can’t even imagine.

And finally, the fourth word was “dimensions.” A dimension is when someone jumps at least two levels. Moving into a new dimension is not just if you move up one level. I received a prophetic word recently that I was going to jump dimensions. I was excited by this word but didn’t understand how powerful this actually was. As I stepped into a new level of favor in my life, I experienced a jump into greater dimensions. We suddenly made incredible connections; we met the right people with the right equipment that we needed to move forward. We also experienced an influx in our finances. I felt as if the goodness of God was overtaking me. I asked the Lord, “God, I’m thankful for what is happening, but what is this?” And I felt the Lord tell me, “Did I not tell you that you were going to jump dimensions?” This is a season where God is going to move people into a multiplication of dimensions. Expect to jump up several levels in the spirit.

Many people ask my wife, Autumn and me how we have so much joy and why we seem so happy and peaceful all the time. It is because we are living out every dream and every calling God has placed upon us. We have peace and joy because we know God has us in a season of multiplication and because we trust that He has us. We never try to make anything happen for ourselves. We always trust God to make a way and to multiply us as we walk with Him. Get ready, my friends, you’re about to experience multiplication in your dreams, destiny, doors and dimensions! {eoa}

Joe Joe Dawson is the founder and apostle of ROAR Apostolic Network and ROAR Church Texarkana. Joe Joe is married to the love of his life, Autumn Dawson, and they have three children, Malachi, Judah and Ezra. The Dawsons live and teach a lifestyle of revival and awakening. Their desire is to see every believer fulfill their God-given destiny and live life to the fullest in God. Joe Joe is also the author of Living Your God-Sized Dream and Recipe for Revival. To connect with Joe Joe or for more information, visit joejoedawson.net.

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