Prophecy: ‘Fight the Snakes That Are Coming Against You’

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Just a few nights ago, I got in late from the Appeal to Heaven Conference, and it was so powerful. I had just gotten home and was getting ready to go to sleep. I fell asleep around 1:00 a.m. and had a prophetic dream. I woke up around 5:00 a.m. from the dream. This was one of the clearest and most vivid prophetic dreams the Lord has ever given me.

In the dream, I walked into a house. Right when I walked in, on the living room floor, there was a very small black snake. I walked over, stepped on his head and kicked him out of the house. In dreams, small snakes normally represent deceitfulness or poverty. They can mean a few different things, but it was just a small snake.

After this, in the dream, I got in my car and started driving down the road. As I was driving, there were just a few snakes in the middle of the road, and I just drove over them. As I kept driving, more and more snakes were on the road. There were so many snakes at one point that I became fearful in the dream. Instead of driving over all of them, I drove around some of them and just let them be.

As I drove even further, the road became flooded, and the snakes became bigger. There were several different kinds of snakes in the flooded part of the road. Some were large poisonous snakes some were smaller and less poisonous. I could see very large snakes in the road, like pythons and anacondas. When I saw these snakes, I got scared and began backing up. At this point in the dream, this began to bother me because I don’t like backing up. I never back up, I am always moving forward. It bothered me that I left the snakes alone. I don’t like leaving things alone. I like to deal with things.

The dream shifted, and in this part of the dream I pulled up to someone’s house. It was a beautiful house, and it was very nice on the inside. When I went into the house, everyone was standing around talking and drinking coffee. Everyone was having a great time sharing and having fellowship. As I looked around, I realized there were snakes all along the baseboards. I tried to get everyone’s attention and warn them about the snakes. I tried to tell them we needed to pay attention to what was trying to creep into the house, but no one was listening. They were just going on with life as usual.

The dream shifted again, and I arrived at another person’s house. As I walked into their house, I noticed that grass was growing in their living room. They began showing me around the house and all the different rooms. There were patched of grass growing in every part of their house and snakes that had been along the baseboards were now sliding into the grass and hiding in it. I knew that this meant these people had not been dealing with things that has crept into their lives and now the enemy was able to hide in their lives because they had refused to deal with some things.

The dream shifted once more, and I was in a church. I walked into the sanctuary, and there were toys everywhere. There was also the same tall grass in the sanctuary that I had seen in the houses. I could see many snakes slithering all throughout the grass in this church. The pastors and leaders of the church came in and lay down on the ground. Then all of these kids starting running in and jumping on them and playing. I began to yell in the dream and tell them they needed to get the toys out of the sanctuary and to stop playing. I told them we do not need to play and have toys in the church. Then I tried to draw their attention to the snakes that were hiding in the grass. I told them they had let things grow in there that should never have been allowed to grow in the church. They never stopped and kept playing. All the while the snakes kept getting closer and closer to them. Then all of these mature, older men came in and they were all complaining. They were not complaining about the snakes, the grass or the toys. They were complaining about things that did not even matter. Then I became fearful and ran out of the church.

In the dream, I immediately went home. I went straight to my closet and pulled out my tomahawk. I have a tomahawk, and on one side it says, “Revivalist” and on the other side it says “Awakening”. I also grabbed our spear. My good friend, Matt Cornelius, one of our spiritual sons, made these weapons for my wife and me.

In the dream, after I got my weapons, I ran back into the church and stuck the spear into the snake right behind its head. Then I grabbed the tomahawk and chopped off the head of the snake. I started to tell the people in the church, “You had better make sure if you are in the church, you are not playing. You’ve let things grow that should not have been allowed to grow. These toys should not be in the sanctuary. Now it’s time that you deal with what is in the church.”

Then I went back to the people’s houses who had grass grown up in them. I told them, “You do not need to let things grow in this house that are not of God.” The grass was dead. I said to them, “Do not let dead things grow in this house. Get these snakes out.” Once again, I got my spear and started stabbing the snakes behind the head, and then I would chop the heads off with my tomahawk.

Then I went back to one of the other houses, and a snake came at me. I swung for its head and missed its body. It reared back its head and tried to bite me. As I watched, I started laughing. It had little bitty fake plastic fangs. I knew it couldn’t hurt me. Then I pulled out my SOAG knife that one of my other spiritual sons, Todd Johnson, gave me. I whipped the knife out and immediately cut off the head of the snake. Then I woke up from the dream.

When I woke up from the dream I immediately asked the Lord for revelation on this. The first thing the Lord told me was, “Tell people, you need to take care of your house. You need to take care of the church. You need to cut the dead stuff out of your house and out of the church.” Then the Lord told me to challenge people, “Fight the snakes. Fight the things that have tried to come against you.” If you see a snake creeping along the baseboards of your house don’t just be hanging out. When you see a snake making its way into your church, don’t just be playing church. In the dream, there were pastors lying on the ground playing with immature believers, playing church. God says, we are done with that. It is time to deal with the snakes.

Then the Lord showed me, the weapons that I had were weapons my spiritual sons had given me. The Lord spoke to me and said, “Everything you need to cut the dead stuff out and to get rid of every sign of the demonic is already in your house.” Then the Lord said, “If you will raise up true sons and daughters, they will be the weaponry that you need.” We must be faithful to raise up true sons and daughters in this hour because they will forge weapons that will be used to cleanse the house of God and to cleanse people’s houses.

You have the power inside of your church, and you have the power inside of your house to step up and fight every demonic force that has come against you. You must also recognize the power of your spiritual sons and daughters. They have already made weaponry for you. They are already ready to be used. You can count on your true sons and daughters in this hour.

Go cut the grass that is growing in your house. The grass in all of these places was dead, dry grass. It was not producing life. Cut the dead grass. Cut the dead things out of your house and out of your churches. Stand up and fight every demonic thing that has been trying to come against you.

Just recently, we celebrated Father’s Day. I believe this prophetic word is for fathers in houses, in churches and in ministries. Step up! It is time for the fathers to be counted on. God is about to cleanse His church, and God is looking for fathers who will grab the weapons they already have and fight alongside their sons and daughters. {eoa}

Joe Joe Dawson is the founder and apostle of ROAR Apostolic Network and ROAR Church Texarkana. Joe Joe is married to the love of his life, Autumn Dawson, and they have three children, Malachi, Judah and Ezra. The Dawsons live and teach a lifestyle of revival and awakening. Their desire is to see every believer fulfill their God-given destiny and live life to the fullest in God. Joe Joe is also the author of Living Your God-Sized Dream and Recipe for Revival. To connect with Joe Joe or for more information, visit joejoedawson.net.

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