Prophecy: Chris Reed Reveals 15 Prophecies for 2022 and Beyond

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Chris Reed

Note: These prophecies were given at MorningStar Fellowship Church Fort Mill on Jan. 2, 2022, during the 11:00 a.m. service.

The Lord has shown me some things in the Spirit that we need to pray into regarding what is likely to happen in the coming season.

I am not saying all these things will happen by the end of 2022, but I do believe they are coming, and I am asking you to pray.

  1. After the spring, COVID will not disappear, but we will finally see it begin to fizzle.
  2. I saw another worldwide virus breakout—like a flu or swine flu—in the form of headlines.
  3. Joe Biden will not finish his first term, and this may be due to health issues. I had a vision where I saw Kamala Harris in the background of the White House. I saw Biden slumped over in his chair, while Harris emerged from the shadows behind him. I don’t know if this meant she would literally become president and he would step down, or if she would just act as president. But this is what the Lord showed me: her desire will be to implement more socialism. However, the grace of God will be released this year to frustrate those desires.
  4. I saw a rise of women in political leadership in nations around the world. We will see a woman emerge in British politics this year who will replace a corrupt politician, and she will be much like a Margaret Thatcher.
  5. The Lord showed me in a vision there would be another public mass shooting. I believe there will be a high-profile, well-known person who could be killed in this shooting. So, I ask you to join me in prayer against that—and if we cannot stop it, pray to minimize the damage.
  6. China will begin to emerge as a stronger superpower and will, for a season, enlarge their dominance and borders. They have been competing economically and technologically with the United States for years. We will see them try to use force against Taiwan, but they will not be successful. For years, China has tried to keep Taiwan out of the United Nations, but the Lord will stop whatever aggressive attempt they will begin in the South China Sea toward Taiwan.
  7. We will continue to see a competition between Russia and China in the space race.
  8. Another thing I saw clearly: just as the United Kingdom broke off from the European Union through Brexit, they will not be the last or only ones. I saw a further fracturing of the European Union. Ultimately, I even saw a divided Europe between eastern and western factions. Keep your eyes on Poland.
  9. I saw a great move of God that will begin in the nation of Brazil. Its sign will be this: the nation of Brazil will accomplish a significant sports achievement or victory. When you see that, know there will be a real surge of Holy Spirit activity in that nation. This will be a unique, national, significant award, a championship sports achievement for that nation.
  10. Donald Trump will announce he is running for president again, but he is watching and waiting. I know he has started a social media site, but he will also create some sort of video-on-demand service or television channel. He will announce on that platform that he is running for president again, and this will happen some time around or after the 2022 midterm elections.
  11. We will see a powerful African American woman rise in America with a strong, unifying, conservative voice. She may be Candace Owens, but I know she will be a significant African American woman. She will achieve much for the nation and help advance political conservatism and Judeo-Christian values.
  12. We will see many bizarre and strange religious groups rise in the next year or two because people will be trying to fill the void and emptiness in their lives and get answers. When you hear about these fringe groups and cults, remember the Lord showed this to me.
  13. There will be a supernatural event that will come out of Israel, perhaps Jerusalem, that will be a real testimony to the Christian faith once it is discovered and released.
  14. There will be further pressure and advancement from Iran in their desire to develop uranium and nuclear weapons. Soon Israel will have had enough, and on one of their holy days they will attack and retaliate, and the Lord will preserve them through this.
  15. I saw another person rise to greatness in America. I cannot say he will be at the top of the ticket, but we need to pray for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. He is popular right now, but God has marked his life to be a younger version of an America-first, freedom-loving, political leader. God has been anointing him. We will continue to see him, and a black woman, who will be greatly anointed by God in the earth, both rise in the next year or two. Her voice will also gain prominence.

Conclusion: Rest assured that no matter what trials we face, whether they be economic struggles or a rise in inflation, God will preserve His people and help us through all these things. We will come out stronger than ever, including before we went into these times of difficulty. {eoa}

The lead pastor at MorningStar Ministries in Fort Mill, South Carolina, Chris Reed first felt called to minister at the age of 12. He started accepting invitations to minister on a regular basis at the age of 14, and after turning 19 he began serving as an assistant pastor. After turning 25, he was elected senior pastor of The Revival Center in Peru, Indiana, where everyone present witnessed significant advancement in the kingdom of God. In July 2021, Chris, his wife Missy, and their children relocated to Fort Mill, South Carolina, where Chris now serves as lead pastor of MorningStar Church. Chris is also actively training to become president of MorningStar Ministries as Rick Joyner’s successor. Chris has a mandate to train, equip and help believers step into their ministries and find their purpose and role in changing the world.

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