Prophecy: Break Up Fallow Ground to Prepare for New Seed This Year

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Jenny Rose Curtis

“Break up your unplowed (fallow) ground and do not sow among thorns. Circumcise yourselves to the Lord, and take away the foreskins of your heart, you men of Judah and inhabitants of Jerusalem” (Jer. 4:3b-4a).

As we head into 2019, we must comprehend the season that we’re about to enter. According to 1 Chronicles 12:32, the children of Issachar were men who understand times (seasons) and were able to know what Israel should do next. I believe that these types of prophets exist now and can speak as an oracle of God, so that we may be provided with divine direction. Some things that we hear, in reference to declarations for the impending year, come from a fleshy or sensual place, instead of the Holy Spirit.

Is It a Word From the Lord?
At the beginning of each year, there’s a great tendency to create catchy slogans or appealing, rhythmical catch phrases, such as, “God told me you’ll be fine in 2009,” It’s going to be great in 2008″ or “It’s going to be heaven in 2007!” I used to go along with numerous such sayings. I swiftly discovered, through experiencing a myriad of adverse situations that were contrary to said mottoes, that many did not originate from the Lord. This led me to continuously ask Him what was on His heart and mind for the upcoming year. I routinely do this in December, sometimes a couple of months earlier.

A Flower in the Middle of a Sidewalk

Have you ever seen a flower growing in the middle of a sidewalk? I have. I’ve always contemplated the strength, tenacity and perseverance it must have taken it to accomplish such an arduous task. I tossed around the idea of its gestation period in contrast to the plant’s emergence through inches of solid concrete. Despite the hardness of the cement, it broke through! I associate the plight of the flower to some of you reading this right now. I prophesy that it’s your season to break up ground and come forth!

Come Forth!
In order to come forth, you must break ground. The prerequisite is that it must be fallow. Fallow (inactive) ground is customarily cultivated land that is allowed to lay idle during the growing season. It’s unplowed ground that refuses to allow crops to grow. It is land that could be productive, but for whatever reason has not been broken up, tilled, plowed and prepared for planting. In its current state, it’s unusable.

Coming Out of a Dark Place
Some of you have labored in obscurity and darkness for years. There were few that realized what you were doing or who you were. Breaking ground will cause you to break through the covers that hid you, permitting the glory of God to cause others to “find” or see you.

“For all that is secret will eventually be brought into the open, and everything that is concealed will be brought to light and made known to all” (Luke 8:17).

You were kept in secret (guarded) for years, but 2019 will be your debut in Him to the world. Mind you, the Lord has always known you and your mandate, but He strategically kept it and you hidden.

Keep Plowing
Keep plowing (working). When Elisha was initially mantled by Prophet Elijah in 1 Kings 19, he was working with 12 yoke of oxen. Elijah literally threw his coat upon him while Elisha was plowing! The work comes before the mantling (ministry) and the mandate (call) before the mantling (commissioning). Many of you have been doing the work of ministry that you were called to in 2018. Now, you’re being mantled in order to come forth in 2019. Your land (ministry) was allowed to be fallow (unusable) in 2018 so that it could be fruitful (useable) in 2019.

Don’t Use Prayer as an Excuse in 2019

Some are still praying in 2018 when they should be acting upon prayers already answered in 2019. There are numerous times that we receive answers from God, but we’re so busy talking that we don’t take the time to hear them. How can we know His will if we never incline our ears to His voice? The reason why more than a few people don’t see their requests fulfilled is because prayer was used as an excuse not to work their faith. Faith without works is dead (James 2:17). In order to break up ground, you must put legs on your faith.

There are times when we shouldn’t continue praying the same prayers, but act on them. A prime example is when Moses and the children of Israel were about to cross the Red Sea. The Egyptians were in hot pursuit. The Israelites began to direct their complaints toward Moses. He, in turn, began to pray to God. The Lord responded with a rebuke, “Why do you cry to Me? Tell the people to go forward! Use what’s already in your hand!” (Ex. 14:13-16, paraphrased). There is a time to pray and a time to act. In 2019, we must know the difference between the two.

Season of the Ground Breakers
Groundbreakers, 2019 is your time. It was important to break up fallow ground in December in preparation to plant new seed in 2019! Furthermore, I sense a sound, a shift and a shaking up due to the breaking up of fallow ground. Old things will be dislodged and disrupted in order to solidify and lodge the new. In order for novel things to come forth, you must break ground. To come forth, you have to fracture the fallow (unproductive) ground!

4 Ways to Break Up the Ground in 2019

1. Do not sow seed among thorns. It’s the enemy of your seed.

2. Clear your heart of weeds. Don’t allow weeds of bitterness to grow in your heart!

3. Don’t be afraid of work.

4. Subtract everything in your life that steals from your seed. {eoa}

Dr. John S. Veal is the senior pastor/prophet of Enduring Faith Christian Center and the CEO of John Veal Ministries. Dr. Veal is a highly sought-after conference speaker due to his uncanny prophetic accuracy, humor, candor and unconventional preaching style. He has traveled the nations, presenting a myriad of prophetic trainings and ministry. He currently resides in Chicago, Illinois, with his wife, Elisa, and their three children.

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