Prophecy: ‘Billy Graham’s Mantle Will Fall on Prisons Worldwide’

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I heard the Father saying, “I am honoring the inmates who built the casket for My chosen servant, Billy Graham. Their names burned into the pine plywood casket represent a list of names without number that will be recorded in My Lamb’s book of life, as Billy Graham’s mantle falls on prisoners worldwide, including those held captive in spiritual prisons. Many who have been kept by the darkest bondage will now become the greatest evangelists of our day.”

This is a word for those in a physical and/or spiritual prison. Whether you are inside a physical prison or a spiritual one makes no difference to the Lord!

I believe this word is the fruition of a vision the Lord gave me back in 1997.

God’s Treasures Locked Up Behind Bars and Razor Wire

It was late, I was tired and wanted to go to sleep, but God wanted to talk to me. It was about midnight, but it dawned on me that God does not sleep. His question made me restless, “Bill, where on earth does man keep his most priceless treasures and valuables?”

I said, “Lord, usually these treasures like gold, silver, diamonds and precious jewels are kept locked up somewhere out of sight, and usually with guards and security to keep them under lock and key.”

God spoke, “Like man, My most valuable treasures on earth are also locked up.”

I then saw Jesus standing in front of seemingly thousands of prisons and jails.

The Lord said, “These ones have almost been destroyed by the enemy, but they have the greatest potential to be used and to bring forth glory to My name.

“Tell My people, I am going this hour to the prisons to activate the gifts and callings that lie dormant in these lives, which were given before the foundation of the earth. Out from these walls will come forth an army of spiritual giants. They will have power to literally kick down the gates of Hell and overcome satanic powers that are holding many of My own people bound in My own house.

“Tell My people that great treasures are behind these walls in these forgotten vessels. My people must come forth and touch these ones, for a mighty anointing will be unleashed upon these for future victory in My kingdom. They must be restored.”

I then saw the Lord step up to the prison doors with a key. One key fit every lock, and the gates began to open. I then heard and saw great explosions which sounded like dynamite going off behind the walls. It sounded like all-out spiritual warfare.

Jesus turned and said, “Tell My people to go in now and pick up the spoil and rescue these.” Jesus then began walking in and touching inmates who were thronging Him. Many who were touched instantly had a golden glow come over them.

God spoke to me, “There’s the gold!” Others had a silver glow around them. God said, “There’s the silver!”

‘Now Go and Pull Down Those Strongholds’

As if in slow motion, these inmates began to grow into what appeared to be giant knights wearing warriors’ armor. They had on the entire armor of God, and every piece was solid and pure gold, even golden shields. When I saw the golden shields, I heard the Lord say to these warriors: “Now, go and take what Satan has taught you and use it all against him. Go and pull down the strongholds coming against My Church.”

These spiritual giants then started stepping over the prison walls (spiritually), and they went immediately to the front line to battle with the enemy. I saw these unknown warriors surpass some big name ministers, as they walked by them to the battle line like David going after Goliath. They crossed the enemy’s line and started delivering many of God’s people from the clutches of Satan, while demons trembled and fled out of sight at their presence.

Who Are These People?

No one, not even the church, seemed to know who these spiritual giants were or where they came from. All you could see was their armor (the golden armor of God), from head to foot, and the shields of gold were there.

I also saw silver, precious treasures and vessels being brought in. Beneath the gold and silver were the people nobody knew: rejects of society, street people, the outcasts, the poor and the despised. These were the treasures that were missing from God’s house. The shields were restored to God’s house, and there was great victory and rejoicing.

In closing, the Lord said, “If My people want to know where they are needed, tell them they are needed in the streets, the hospitals, the missions and prisons. When they come there, they will find Me and the next move of My Spirit. They will be judged by My Word in Matthew 25:42-43: ‘For I was hungry and you gave Me no food, I was thirsty and you gave Me no drink, I was a stranger and you did not take Me in, I was naked and you did not clothe Me, I was sick and in prison and you did not visit Me.'” {eoa}

Bill Yount has been a member of Bridge of Life Church in Hagerstown, Maryland, for the past 40 years and is in leadership. He faithfully served in prison ministry at Mount Hope Inc. for 23 years and now travels full time, ministering in churches and Aglow circles. He is currently an adviser at large for Aglow International. Bill has authored several prophetic books. His latest book is Handfuls of Purpose. Subscribe to his prophetic emails at: billyountweekly.com/billyount. Visit Bill’s website atbillyount.com or email him at [email protected].

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