Prophecy: A Time for Reckoning Is Here

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I rarely give words in first person from the Lord, but this one flowed out of me during a recent time of prayer as if I were transcribing a dictation. Though this is a strong exhortation, I felt the Lord’s deep passion concerning our plight as well as His unfailing love and absolute determination to bring us to victory.

I had been lamenting the ongoing battles with the plague and the endless power plays from both politicians and principalities. I was also grieved at the increased division in the body of Christ concerning this crisis. How can we make any changes if we do not even agree on our condition?

That’s when He stopped me and shared the reality from His perspective. While I was wondering when the sins of men would be held to account, He reminds me that His gaze and attention, for now, is on U.S.:

I am not looking at the world’s reactions, recourses and resolutions—I’m looking at yours. I am not preoccupied with the corruption, collusion and conspiracies among men. I am preoccupied with you—My body and My bride. It is you I am calling to account.

You think it not easy for Me to bring swift justice to the perpetrators and pimps and those who revel in rebellion? You think it hard for Me to end this hellish reign of physical, mental and emotional terror? Yet, that is not My primary goal or the aim of My heart. My goal is you…

I am looking at how you react to the ways of men. Though there is a remnant that sees the dark side of man’s condition, many in the church still walk in unbelief. The mocking spirit attached to deception has infected My people and is choking out the faith and belief in the realm outside their own. Though your love for Me is strong, your love for acceptance is stronger. Though your commitment to Me is unquestioned, your compassion has led you to compromise. You have traded righteousness for relational equity and divine providence for self-protection. Your spirit is willing, but your flesh has been leading.

Alliances have been made, friendships have been forged and agreements have been signed that have muddied my counsel and compromised my covenant. You cannot be a friend of the world and a disciple of mine at the same time. They are incompatible. You have not understood the power of your agreement with fleshly tendencies, and it is time to sever the ties.

There is an attachment to all things material, tangible and known. Until My people leave the comfort of the familiar and come up higher into the unseen realm where truth is revealed, they will continue to wander and wonder. That which is of the Spirit is foolishness to the flesh, and still I have many foolish people! How I have longed to gather you …

But how can you receive Me when you do not even recognize those that I send ahead of me? Have you not seen the ones I have chosen to lead this nation, chosen to prophesy the truth, chosen to testify on the side of what is good and right? Do they seem untrained? Unrefined? Too rough by your standards of acceptance or human reasoning? John the Baptist was no favorite when he came, either. His camel hair and diet of locusts brought disgust and disdain by the very ones he was sent to reach. Yet, he was ordained by heaven and prepared the way for My people.

There are many Johns among you even now. Do you know them? Do you recognize them? Or are they too unfamiliar, too untamed or too wild? You think you know Me, and yet you have no idea of My wild side. Open the eyes and ears of the spirit within you and then tell Me what you see! How I long for you to see the burning love in My eyes and hear the pounding passion in My heart that I have for you, My people!

What separates the remnant from the whole? I will tell you: seeing and hearing by my Spirit. It is not lack of love or even rebellion to My Word. It is the limitations you face when you only look at what is seen in the natural. Your predisposition to judge by the flesh is suffocating the breath and life of the Spirit. You search the news and the latest expert reports, thinking that in them you will find life and hope, yet you refuse to walk by My Spirit who alone can reveal what is true. You think that by following the rules and towing the proverbial line that you will find favor from on high. You bicker and feud over points of the law and yet miss the Spirit behind them. All the while, your adversary, the devil, is leading you into a conscription of the soul from which there is no return.

Do not judge by appearances, but judge by right judgment and sound discernment. I have told you to judge rightly between the flesh and the Spirit—and yet you waver. The fear of man and your need for approval keep you from making the call. Do not cover or try to protect those who walk in rebellion to Me. Though there is a time for mercy, there is also a time of reckoning. That time is now.

The iniquity of America is about full (Gen. 15:16, Matt. 23:32-36). I am waiting for the sons and daughters of the higher realm to take their place and judge rightly, discern carefully and yield fully to the work and ways of My Spirit. No man, no plan and no party will take credit for what will soon take place. It is mine alone to accomplish. Earth is My footstool, and it is Mine to rule.

Walk by the Spirit and renounce the flesh. Refuse to listen to the reasoning of the lower realm. Consecrate your soul and allow heaven to invade and transform your mind. The time of reckoning is here. {eoa}

Wanda Alger has been a field correspondent with Intercessors for America and writes for numerous online publications. She is also a speaker and the author of five books, includin, Moving from Sword to Scepter: Ruling Through Prayer as the Ekklesia of God. Follow her blog at wandaalger.me.

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