Prophecy: A Jephthah Awakening Is Underway

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I heard the Lord say: “I am raising up a Jephthah generation of men to be pillars in the next great awakening. These men will be full of valor and be the complete personification of masculinity. They will be men after My own heart and they will be fully confident in who they are in Me and they will have a heart for the children, and the children will have a heart for them. They will instruct sons in how to be men, and the sons will take over where the Jephthahs left off.”

The Spirit spoke clearly to me that “In the beginning. I made man in My image and likeness. and I took Eve out of Adam. Male is fully to be male and female is to be fully female. I am releasing the call to awaken the men of God in My house!

“There has been a falling away of masculinity in My house. and I am raising up a new breed of Spirit-filled masculine saints of God who will step up to the plate and lead their homes and be a rock for their communities.

“I am bringing forth a revival of manliness back into My house. Men will act like men and will not be overtaken by Ahab any longer. These men will love their families with their full heart. They will honor their wives and be chivalrous once more. These men will lead Bible studies and be the first to volunteer in their churches. Oh, I am calling forth the real men to stand up and see My goodness!

“An awakening of masculinity will take place in My house, and these men will come alongside My intercessors. No more will it be only those who are female that war in intercession for Me. I am releasing the Jephthah generation on men.

“Just as Jephtha’s very name means ‘to open,’ I will use these men to help open the next move of My Spirit.

“The men I am raising up will not consult their pasts to decide their futures. These men will have a confidence in themselves that only comes from Me. I will magnify My anointing on their lives so that all of those who are ’empty’ with no purpose or goals in life will be drawn to these Jephthahs. They will become transformed in their heart and in their purpose. When people see the once-’empty’ men who were with no vision and no ambition changed into leaders and pillars in their society, they will seek out answers from them. These men will share their faith in Me with a boldness like a lion, and they will once again steer head a local church evangelism movement that will produce disciples of valor.

The Spirit said, “The men who walk in My strength will be slow to speak and quick to hear. These men will not be social media gossips or cause confusion with My people. My heart will be clear through them. The Jephthah anointing will cause men to mean what they say and say what they mean. These men will be leaders, and kindness will be at the forefront. Yes, masculinity will once more be celebrated in America. The warriors are rising. … the Jephthah generation is waking up; Men who are men and men who are after My own heart. These men will see My goodness and will lead from that vantage point. The awakening of the Jephthah generation in men will start as men see my goodness. As they truly behold how much I love them and love others, they will arise to being valiant and bold. Just as Jephthah lived in Tob (Good) These men will see that I am good in all things, and their hearts will be smitten and transformed to be strong in Me and the power of My might. The men are rising up. … pillars in My house.”

Jephtha was a mighty man of valor, and he also had the honor of being listed in the hall of faith in Hebrews 11.

Jephtha was used by God in spite of his background, for he was born from a harlot. In Judges chapter 11:1-8, the story unfolds…

Now Jephthah the Gileadite was a mighty man of valor, but he was the son of a prostitute. Gilead was the father of Jephthah. Gilead’s wife also bore him sons. His wife’s sons grew up and drove Jephthah away. They said to him, “You will not inherit anything from our father’s house because you are the son of another woman.” So Jephthah fled from his brothers and lived in the land of Tob. Men of ill repute gathered around Jephthah and went out with him.

Some time passed, then the Ammonites waged war with Israel. When the Ammonites waged war with Israel, the elders of Gilead went to bring Jephthah back from the land of Tob. They said to Jephthah, “Come and be our leader so that we may fight the Ammonites.”

Jephthah said to the elders of Gilead, “Did you not hate me and drive me out of my father’s house? Why have you come to me now that you are in trouble?”

The elders of Gilead said to Jephthah, “Even so, we have turned to you. Come with us and fight the Ammonites. You will be ruler over all the inhabitants of Gilead.”

This story shows that Jephtha was the born in the midst of abandonment. He was the son of a harlot, and Gilead was his father. As Jephtha grew, his half-brothers literally pushed him out of his home and out of his inheritance.

Jephthah was known as a mighty man of valor, but he didn’t become that way until he faced persecution and the left foot of fellowship and was rejected by his peers. He went to a land called Tob, and men whom the Bible denotes as “worthless” came unto him to be part of his raiding band of misfits.

What is amazing in all of this is that he went to a land called Tob which literally means “good.” The “worthless” fellows who came to him literally mean “empty.” 

There is no doubt that Jephthah walked out his life as a masculine man of valor, and what is masculinity?

Many have differing opinions of what “masculinity” means, but true masculinity is found in King Jesus.

King Jesus is the masculine gospel. “Greater love has no man than this: that a man lay down his life for his friends” (John 15:13).

Johnny Cash described manliness this way: “Being a Christian is not for sissies. It takes a real man to live for God—a lot more man than to live for the devil.” Manliness takes a stand even when the stand isn’t popular. The Jephthas are rising up to live without shame or fear for King Jesus.

King Jesus proved that true masculinity is seen in laying down your life for someone other than yourself. True masculinity is being courageous in the midst of adversity. Masculinity is what makes a man a man and there has been an attack on manliness in the modern church.

In the modern church, the ladies are the ones who volunteer the most. They serve as the main intercessors, and the males shy away from prayer. The ladies are even the first ones many pastors call on to volunteer, because they know that they will step up to the plate and help lead the church, because many of the men aren’t committed to serving.

This goes on while many men sit in the church pew not feeling confident to step up and serve or in all actuality have no desire to lead because they would rather be on the golf course, at the football game or behind a video game controller wasting time while their wives serve in a leadership capacity at the local church. This grieves the Father! 

Many young men in church are less motivated to move out of their homes, and many lack the confidence or ambition to dream big. It has been said that the greatest generation as we know it was the generation that fought during World War II. These men and women knew what it meant to be masculine and feminine and in doing so, they rallied our great country to victory.

It seems that today in the modern church, many young men have succumbed to Ahab, and they lie around feeling sorry for themselves and have the entitlement mentality that they deserve something for which they did not work. These same young and even older males want everyone to pursue them instead of them pursuing others. In relationships these males want the female to come after them, and even in job-hunting, many expect the jobs to just pop right out of thin air.

Many women are frustrated today because they all are looking for real men and haven’t been able to find them. That is all about to change. God is restoring men to His original intent: to be leaders and providers in their communities, representing God’s heart to their families and sphere of influence.

Men of God are rising up and not shying away from embracing their masculinity. Men will be men once again in the body of Christ. The Jephtha awakening has begun. {eoa}

Scott Nary was born the son of a coal miner in West Virginia. He has worked in the NFL, NBA, NHL and NASCAR as a trainer and chaplain. Scott travels throughout the world activating the body of Christ in New Testament Christianity and has seen many salvations, deliverances and miracles through his ministry. Through his ministry, 420 Fire, he is establishing apostolic groups throughout the world for the purpose of training in spiritual gifts, discipleship and kingdom reigning in all spheres of influence, which are available to every believer. Crossing denominational lines, his mandate is true unity in the body of Christ through the wisdom and power of the Holy Spirit. Through practical teaching, demonstration and application, thousands of believers have been activated in the gifts of the Spirit.

Scott is a graduate of the Reinhard Bonnke School of Evangelism and resides in Kannapolis, North Carolina. Visit 420fire.org.

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