Open Vision: 30-Foot Tall Spirit Opposing Judge Kavanaugh

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Charisma Magazine Staff

Judge Brett Kavanaugh is in the battle of his professional career. And it seems every devil in hell is opposing him.

Apostle Jonathan Stidham contacted me about a vision he had that I feel is important to share with the body of Christ right now. Here is his account:

On Sept. 24, 2018, while praying about this hot-button political issue, I had an open vision. In the vision, I saw a horse with the letter “K” shaved in its hair cross the finish line. I saw a Supreme Court justice robe and gavel of supreme judiciary authority being handed to Kavanaugh. The Lord told me that Judge Brett Kavanaugh lives pure and fears Him.

It is the will of the Lord for Brett Kavanaugh to judge this land, and the opposition is fierce. In the vision, I saw a demonic spirit nearly 30 feet tall standing in the Senate chambers. I asked the Lord, “What am I seeing?” The Lord replied “This is the spirit that is wrestling against Judge Kavanaugh’s purpose and destiny.”

Given pastor John Kilpatrick’s recent word about President Donald Trump soon dealing with the Jezebel spirit, this is more urgent than ever.

This spirit must be pulled down. We must intercede.

Here are three points of prayer that I believe will help us tear down the opposition against Kavanaugh.

  1. Target the spirit of assassination that brings accusation and slander that is raging against leaders in the United States. This spirit is at large even within the confounds of the church. Bind it in the name of Jesus.
  2. Pray that the spirit of Jezebel be bound and the tongues of those being used would be shut.
  3. Pray for unity and the will of the Lord above all else would prevail.

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