Prophetic Word: The Days of Noah and the Son of Man

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David Emfinger

Early Monday morning, July 26, 2021, I woke up to a vivid but strange dream. In the dream, I was talking with a man named Jared. He resembled a Jared I used to know who gave himself to a debauched lifestyle. Jared was informing me that “Seth” had died. A tremendous sorrow came into the dream, and instantly the dream flashed to a scene from the nativity, then flashed back to Jared. Jared walked to a stairwell and began descending the stairs. I woke up feeling disturbed and unsure as to what I had just dreamed.


I asked the Lord, “Is this a personal word?”

He said, “No.”

Continuing in prayer, the idea occurred to me to search for these names in Scripture. I admit that I was not even sure if these names were biblical, so it was a great shock to discover that not only are these names in the Bible, but they are in the same chapter of the Bible: Genesis 5. Seth and Jared are listed in the lineage of Noah, and both are significant figures of the lineage.

Seth was Adam and Eve’s third child. Jared is the fourth generation from Seth; he’s Noah’s great-great-grandfather. I felt such an impression in my spirit from the Lord that Jared’s generation was the time corruption began to escalate in the world, which the Lord later confirmed. The nativity in the dream was a signaling to think of the coming of Christ Jesus, a direct reference to His first coming and an allusion to His return. Jesus said that “as were the days of Noah, so will be the coming of the Son of Man” (Matt. 24:37). I used to think this was only a reference to the “suddenly” of the flood—and certainly that is an overtone in His statement—yet I also believe this is a reference to the wickedness that typified Noah’s generation.

In short, I felt the Lord saying that the moral climate of the earth is tangibly shifting now to that of the days of the Son of Man. In coming weeks and months, I believe there will be clear events on the earth that demonstrate this change. This shift is to give clear evidence to the reality of His return. Finally, as I was praying into the dream, I also felt the Lord speak to me that the church is going to become glorious and grow at increased rates as the Lord pours out His Spirit on all flesh (Acts 2:17). This final point is no new revelation and has been spoken by prophets and scholars alike. The church is growing now at dazzling rates.


All day I asked the Lord to confirm the dream. You can imagine my awe at what happened next. Coming home, I logged into YouTube, and to my complete amazement, a video appeared on my home screen titled “The Days of Noah//The Coming of the Son” by a prophetic minister named Brian Guerin. A few things amaze me about this. The video was only three days old, so it was a fresh message. Also, I am only faintly familiar with Brian’s ministry, so it is surprising that YouTube’s algorithms decided to put this video on my homepage on this very day. Finally, the content of his message was almost identical to the message in my dream. I encourage you to watch Brian’s video here.

In his video, Brian confirms that the days of Jared were marked by a shift into debauchery. This is evidenced in the book of Enoch, and while the book of Enoch is not the inspired Word of God, Brian points out that the Word of God does make mention to the book of Enoch in the book of Jude (Jude 14-15), thus granting Enoch merit. The highlights of Brian’s message are nearly identical to the dream: The days are getting darker; a great harvest is coming; and Jesus is coming back very soon.


I’m sure the Lord has been speaking to many of you about these things already. The Lord will give witness to His Word through His whole body, and he will show you how this word is given application to your life. What felt unique to me about this dream had to do with the “now” time we are in where we will see decline in the world’s moral compass as well as the glory of Christ in the church. What I believe the Lord is saying to the church is a message of encouragement as well as awareness. Apocalyptic hype that begets fear and self-preservation in God’s people is not from the Lord. We know that as the return of Jesus approaches, the enemy is going to lash out like a cornered animal. But remember that he is already defeated, and his inevitable demise is very close (Rev. 12:12).

Finally, I have to say, God’s end-times words should create an urgent cry for evangelism. Jesus did not say “go into all the world and hide in a bunker with AR rifles and military rations,” but “go … and make disciples of all nations” (Matt. 28:19a). Scripture explicitly links the elongation of Christ’s return time with His burning compassion for the lost and His unrelenting fervor for all to receive the gospel before it is too late (2 Pet. 3:9).

Get ready for shifts in the world’s spiritual climate. Get ready for God’s power. Get ready for Jesus’s return. The Lord bless you and keep you. Maranatha! {eoa}

David Emfinger serves as a missionary in Selma, Alabama. He graduated from Asbury Seminary in 2018 with an M.A. in intercultural studies. He also completed Global Awakening School of Supernatural Ministry from 2019-2020.

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