God’s Strategy: Another Baby Boom & Generational Fire

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Joshua Fowler

Vision: I see a calendar. On this calendar, I can see that throughout time there were years where revival started and stopped, then started and stopped again — with long periods of time where there was no move of the Holy Spirit. I see the enemy lying to the young, telling them that they don’t need the old. I see the enemy lying to the old, telling them that they don’t need the young. This is how the enemy has put the fire of revival out. The church hasn’t moved or built generationally in order to keep the fire of revival burning.

The Lord is removing that lie, blowing the debris away. He’s breathing on it, and now the young will see their need for the old and the old will see their need for the young.

I see that the babies being born now will grow up in unity with their parents, grandparents and great-grandparents. The babies will know the glory of the fire of generations. There will be no division or schism. The young and the old will dance together.

I hear the Lord saying, “This is how you will stop the lie of the enemy that has stopped revival. Generations will unite and dance together and My work will not be stopped.”

I see all kinds of babies being born, both naturally and spiritually. People thought there was a baby boomer generation before…. “Watch this,” says the Spirit of Lord. “In the years to come, you will see — [at] the very time that the enemy said he would take people out in a pandemic — the history books will reflect that more children were born and there was another baby boom. Watch and see. You will read about it. In the next decade, you will read about it — that this was the time that more living than dying took place.

“This is also why the overturning of Roe v Wade must and will take place. You will see it happen in these days,” says the Lord. “This is why, from the babies that will be born during this baby boom, I’ll raise up a generation of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers, psalmists, intercessors, doctors, lawyers, scientists, government officials [and] business owners. Yes, I’ll raise up even a generation that will make tents. I’ll raise up Priscillas and Aquillas and Pauls and Esthers from these babies that will be born, and they will show forth My power in the earth,” declares the Lord.

“And this revival will not be stopped. And this move of My Spirit will not burn out but it will burn brighter. For I will join the young and the old together. I’ll take the wisdom of the old and the strength of the young and join them together, and they will burn brighter for Me. A generational fire is arising. You and your children and your children’s children and even their children,” says the Lord. “Generations shall burn together for Me.”

Dead Wood and Dry Wood Will Become Kindling

“My fire shall spread — even where there has been a lot of dead wood and dry wood. The dead wood and dry wood will become kindling for My move,” says the Lord. “I will set dead churches on fire; churches where nothing has been going on for years will be set on fire. For the young and the old will dance together.

“So I’m going to begin to call them from the north, south, east and west. I’m releasing a heralding call to the nations. I’m saying: ‘Come and be lit. Come and receive the fresh fire of My Spirit. Come and be lit to be sent with My fire to your cities and your nations.’

“I’ll set hearts on fire. I’ll set lives on fire. I will send you forth through the fields and nations. And wherever you go, My fire shall go and grow. You’ll begin to hear about revival over here, revival over there; awakening over here, awakening over there. Not just in ‘this’ field of glory, but many fields will be filled with My glory. It’s going to spread throughout America and the nations of the earth,” says the Lord. {eoa}

Joshua Fowler is a fifth-generation preacher with a rich heritage of ministry, prophecy and apostolic authority. He has been in ministry for 30 years and is an international conference speaker. He sparks revival through facilitating unity and mobilizing strategies to usher awakening into nations and generations. Joshua is looked to for business and life coaching. He’s a spiritual father to many leaders and oversees churches around the world. The Lord has given them a mandate to awaken America, awaken Africa and awaken the world!

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