God’s Significant Call on Women!

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Before there is any discussion about the present, and what now lies before us, an apprehension of the spiritual dynamics of the past and what has brought us to this day is an absolute necessity to accurately interpret future, spiritual movements and events, sourced in both God and the enemy. The first foundational truth we must grasp is that as God began His work to redeem mankind through His transcendent plan in Abraham, the father of Israel, that plan will also be completed in Israel, summed up in Jesus the Messiah at His return.

God’s timeline for the unfolding of this plan, and all catalytic and notable events on that timeline, are therefore embedded within Israel’s journey from its beginning toward the day of its fulfillment. Israel’s journey to return home that began in the late 19th century set the stage for THE LAST DAY PURPOSES OF GOD TO BEGIN!

When Israel was once again planted securely in her land after two thousand years in fulfilment of prophecy, the countdown to the Day of the Lord and the return of Jesus began. The enemy mobilized and went into full assault mode to shut down this movement, leading the world into two World Wars and many other significant war.

Most notably, around the same time, a trickle of Jewish people began to make their way home. God begins to open the door to women as key birthing agents of His end-time purposes! Over history we have seen God use certain individual women most powerfully! However, God’s work to release women as a corporate army was timed to coincide with Israel’s journey home and God’s end-time purposes. We see the evidence of this with certain key dates that unlocked doors to women in the United States, as in 1920 when the 19th amendment was signed and women were given the right to vote.

As momentum now builds, the Holy Spirit is about to begin a new and powerful movement that will see a vast army of women released possessing the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, the Spirit of counsel and might, and the Spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the Lord. These are women wholly consecrated and separated unto His purposes alone; they love not their lives to death and are laid-down lovers of God.

As the last century began the time of God’s “reveal” of women, He has been working to unshackle women from the mindsets, judgments and social constructs created by the enemy that the world and a large portion of the church has embraced as truth and acceptable. A social construct represents shared ideas or perceptions that exist in a society simply because people accept them, not necessarily because they have any foundation in truth. These social constructs regarding women, founded on deception however, have worked to keep women imprisoned and restricted from becoming the marvel of creation God envisioned them to be from before time.

The world’s thought patterns are presently bridled to a worldly mindset constructed by the enemy. The word bridle means to put a harness on the head with which a horse is governed, used to control and direct the horse. The Crownpiece or headpiece of the bridle goes over the head and controls the bit placed in the mouth of the horse. The throat latch runs under the throat and the browband runs across the forehead. This picture portrays a deadly prison when controlled by a malevolent force.

As I was preparing for a recent women’s meeting, I heard the Lord say, “Get them ready!” In getting ourselves ready to be positioned and secured by God for this notable season before us, it is worth examining the question of what bridle is on our heads. Or to what are you bridled? Are you bridled to the ways, mindsets and social construct of the world? Or are you bridled to the Living God, His Word, His ways and His precepts? To be unbridled from God and the beauty of His ways is to become unrestrained in our emotions, angry, resentful and easily offended. We want to be bridled to God, wearing His crownpiece—the helmet of salvation and wearing the necklace of the yoke of His love.

God has made women as special vessels, possessing a unique feature in their DNA, one that the world calls a woman’s intuition. This is the God-given ability to understand and process the purposes of God and bring it to birth IN ITS TIME. This can be used for both good or for evil, women must therefore be closely aligned to the Word of God and securely tethered to His will, as the potential to wreak havoc is great. Hence, the release of women in their time and not before their time! Women have been called and are being released to be Esthers in this volatile moment of history to take their place as history-makers and representatives of the cause of the kingdom. The enemy is on the rampage and Esthers are now rising up who have the ear of the King.

God is now saying to women, “Get yourself ready to take your place.” I heard Him say, “Get ready for the limelight.” God intends to release women into the limelight in this upcoming season where they will take centre stage. The word limelight means: a concentration of light in a beam, produced by lime; lighting producing illumination. For women, it must mean to be standing in the focused LIGHT OF CHRIST.

According to Isaiah chapter 60, God directs us to arise, for YOUR LIGHT HAS COME. The glory of the Lord is rising now upon His daughters! I believe God is now asking His daughters, “Are you ready to release your light? Are you ready to stand in the limelight of Christ?” However, to stand secured in this hour, we must overcome our issues as the army of God is a holy army, cleansed, purified, sanctified and separated unto the King of kings. So God is also asking His daughters, “Have you overcome? Have you overcome the desire to be in the limelight? Have you overcome your desire to control others and to make everything about you?”

Women Called to Birth!

Women are called to be the midwives of the notable purposes of God in the closing hour of history. They will birth and tend the mighty moves of God, producing a convergence of events in the climax of the ages. This is a tall order and a mighty calling, not to be taken lightly. Women are a significant part of the Elijah Headstone Generation and have been given key roles in the work to prepare the way for the Lord’s return.

As I was writing a chapter regarding women’s roles, the word PRECEDENT dropped from heaven into my mind. I researched this word and sensed that God was saying that the precedent has been set by His courts! As a result, women are released to all spheres of leadership. According to the Lord’s decree: Huldah was a prophet; Miriam a leader & prophet; Deborah, a prophet, judge, teacher, pastor, and the Old Testament equivalent of an apostle. Esther rose to become the ordained queen and a leader in the land. The three daughters of Agabus were known and recognized prophets, Phoebe was an ordained deacon and Junia an apostle. Priscilla was an apostolic teacher who taught the apostle Apollos. In law, only a higher court has the power to change a precedent and as there is no higher court above God’s, God’s precedent stands!

The mantles of the great women of history are now being passed on to this generation of women to complete the task. Women are called to complete, as Deborah was raised up for Israel’s hour of emancipation from the Canaanites, Esther brought forth the release and emancipation of Israel from the Amalekites—an assignment given to King Saul. Mantles of women such as Maria Woodworth Etter, Amy Simple McPherson and Kathryn Kuhlman—all supernatural revivalists are now being imparted to a corporate army of women for such a time. Women, press in to receive your mantle!

THE ANOINTING BREAKS AND DESTROYS THE YOKE OF THE ENEMY! All women, as the ones chosen to give birth, carry within their being and their DNA the breaker anointing. The breaker anointing will break the amniotic sac, allowing for the water to break forth to begin the birth in the last days! Begin to act and become the great leaders God has called you to be. Battle-proof your identity; construct it with the words of God and the Word of God. Allow Him to put His bridle upon you and His bit in your mouth as you now shift into a new position and place of strength.

Remember, the angel came to Mary! The Holy Spirit came upon her. The Word of the LORD came to the prophets; the Holy Spirit came to the disciples and said to set apart Paul and Barnabas. The Holy Spirit builds the house! It is not by might or by power! Jesus said, “Wait for Me in Jerusalem” and the Holy Spirit came upon them at Pentecost! The Spirit came, was poured out and was released upon the harvest. Daughters of God, the Holy Spirit will come upon you!

“Then Samuel took the horn of oil and anointed him in the midst of his brothers. And the Spirit of the LORD rushed upon David from that day forward” (1 Sam. 16:13, MEV). {eoa}

Faith Marie Baczko is the president of Headstone Ministries International — a ministry that is rich and robust in the purposes and plans of God. She is a prophetic teacher and author, bringing significant revelation to mobilize, equip and strengthen the body of Christ for this momentous hour of history. Faith is an international speaker and has garnered enduring relationships with leaders united in a passion for truth and enduring revival. Faith is an author of several books; her latest release is available on Amazon: A Rising Called For! You can also purchase The Arising Army of God from Amazon. Contact her at [email protected].

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