Four Things to Expect in 2022 and Beyond

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Here are four things we can expect to see in 2022:

1. New Winds

New winds of the Spirit will blow in unexpected places and unexpected ways. These winds will shift the directions and even transform the characters of cities and nations. Even as the early church was incredulous about the transformation of self-righteous Paul, people will be incredulous about the dramatic transformation of cities and nations that presently resist God and His purposes. The miracle and message of redemption will be seen, known and experienced on a personal, national and international level.

In the opening scene of the book of Acts, expectant intercession led to wind, fire and new wine (see Acts 1-2). The result: The miracle and the message of the cross went viral.

2. New Ways

God’s ways are higher than our ways. He has ways of doing things that no one has even thought of yet. Heavenly strategies will come forth that will miraculously transform and avert economic, medical and social catastrophes. The impact of these transformations will be talked about for decades to come.

Anointed entrepreneurs will discover and implement “new ways” in areas where there seems to be no way. Some of these “new ways” will be surprisingly simple; others will break open new, complex areas of science and technology.

3. New Waves

New God-ordained movements will sweep across nations, boundaries and barriers. These movements will touch every sector of society. They will contain the DNA of life and a bright hope for the future.

Waves carry weight. It’s the weight that shifts and transforms everything in a wave’s wake. There is a new “woke” coming that will counteract the present counterfeit. This heavenly “woke” will be carried in the wake and the weight of the new waves. The demonstration of God’s justice will cause the shackles of the counterfeit to be thrown off and abandoned by many. A radical generation of evangelists is arising.

4. Divine Disruptions

The years 2020 and 2021 have been marked by many disruptions to everyday life. In 2022, divine interventions will disrupt the disruptions. In some cases, this will lead to even greater chaos. However, God has an endgame in sight. God is not intimidated by the “raging” and neither should we. The storms will be stilled and the cancer of corruption will be cut out.

It’s time to rejoice over God’s plans for the nations! He sits in the heavens and laughs, because He has anointed sons and daughters on the earth who carry His heart and do His bidding (see Psalm 2). {eoa}

Nathan Shaw helps bring individuals and churches into dynamic encounters with God’s indescribable love. Over the last twenty years, he has been instrumental in ushering in significant moves of the Spirit in over ten different nations. Many have experienced life-changing prophetic encounters and dramatic visitations from God. Nathan is the author of two books: Passion and Fire and Unto the Least of These. Nathan is senior pastor at Fire and Destiny Centre, Dunedin and Celebration Church, Mosgiel.

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