‘Extreme, Smooth Acceleration’: A Vivid Prophetic Vision About God’s Work in This Season

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Just a few mornings ago, as I was waking up, I had a very vivid prophetic vision. In the vision, I saw the front of an old train. The best way I can describe what I saw next was like in old cartoons when a train took off. The wheels slowly began turning, making clicking noises as it moved and steam began to blow out of the pipes. As the train continued to slowly move forward, I could tell it was laboring at first to get going. But as the vision continued, and the train kept moving forward, I noticed that the train had changed. It was now a slightly newer train than before. It was moving at a good pace and you could tell it was moving forward more easily now. It was beginning to gain speed. Then suddenly, the train transformed into a brand-new, very high-tech train and began to move at a very high speed. This train was streamlined and was going incredibly fast. As the train kept moving faster and faster, I was amazed at how smoothly it was moving and accelerating. In the vision, I looked down at the track and the track was solid. There were no gaps or breaks in the track.

I believe this vision is for many in the body of Christ in this hour. Just like the train in the vision, some have been slowly moving forward, not gaining much momentum and laboring to keep going. But for those who did not quit and have just kept going, God is bringing a renewing of your strength, just as the older train changed, as it moved forward, into a newer train. But an even greater acceleration is coming to those who keep moving forward. The train in the vision transformed again into a brand-new, high-tech train, and then it could shift into an extreme, smooth acceleration. There is an extreme, smooth acceleration coming to many in the body of Christ. Many will be able to move into double speed and triple speed. The reason the newest train in the vision was able to accelerate in an extreme way was because the track under it was solid. Many of you have been through seasons where the ground before you was very bumpy and you were trying to accelerate over rough terrain. But you have pushed and labored to keep going and because you stayed on track, the word of the Lord is that you are about to experience extreme smooth acceleration like never before.

The things people have been praying and believing for are about to become tangible and people will be able to hold what they have been praying for in their hands. This is your time! Extreme acceleration is coming to many people in this hour, and it is going to be smooth. God has already laid the path and the track before you solid, and sure. The prophetic destiny God has declared over your life had already been laid before you. In past seasons when you prayed and fasted, you were laying down track. Every time you went to a prayer meeting, you were laying down track. Every time your friends went out and you stayed home to seek the Lord, you were laying down track. Every time you called up your intercessors and asked for prayer, they were helping you lay down track. You are about to reap the rewards of your persistence to keep moving forward. Some have never experienced a smooth acceleration in their life before. But God has prepared you and is preparing you to go faster than you ever imagined. God is saying, “This is an extreme acceleration, but it will be a smooth acceleration.” There is an acceleration coming to the body of Christ like never before. You had better get ready for what God is about to do, it is coming fast. It is coming speedily. And it will be an extreme, smooth acceleration. {eoa}

Joe Joe Dawson is the founder and apostle of ROAR Apostolic Network and ROAR Church Texarkana. Joe Joe is married to the love of his life, Autumn Dawson, and they have three children, Malachi, Judah and Ezra. The Dawsons live and teach a lifestyle of revival and awakening. Their desire is to see every believer fulfill their God-given destiny and live life to the fullest in God. Joe Joe is also the author of Living Your God-Sized Dream and Recipe for Revival. To connect with Joe Joe or for more information, visit joejoedawson.net.

This article originally appeared at joejoedawson.net.

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