Cindy Jacobs Prophesies: The Lord Says, ‘Give Me the Control’

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Cindy Jacobs

Hello from Warsaw, Poland! Mike and I are on the road! We have been in Oslo and now we’re in the magnificent city of Warsaw. We had meetings here with Ukrainian refugees and with wonderful leaders from Poland. Then we had a conference that was just so special.

Even though I’m far away, I wanted to send a word of encouragement to you. So I would say, “Lord, how can I just encourage Your people today?” And this is what the Lord said to me. The Lord said, “You feel like you are trapped in circumstances beyond your control.”

In other words, there are things that have happened to you, things that you need to change, or things that need to happen for you, but they don’t seem to move.

The Lord would say to you, “None of your circumstances are beyond your control. Give Me the control. Give Me the control of your life and trust Me. Trust Me that I am going to remove the circumstances that need to be removed because you can say to the mountain ‘Be removed’ and it will be cast into the sea. Trust Me that I am working for your good. Trust Me that I know what is best for you.”

And I feel like the Lord is saying, “Lose control to the goodness of God. Lose control and lose your fear that your circumstances are going to get worse and worse and worse. Aren’t you praying to Me? Aren’t you asking for help? Aren’t you asking for wisdom? I will give you what you need. I will give you the knowledge you need. I will give you the wisdom you need. I will open the doors that need to be opened. I will shut the doors that need to be shut.” He says, “Don’t panic. Trust Me. Trust Me with all your heart because there are no circumstances that are beyond My control and none that are greater than what I can deal with.”

Wow, that’s a comforting word, isn’t it? I love you from Warsaw! {eoa}

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Cindy Jacobs is an author, speaker and teacher with a heart for discipling nations in the areas of prayer and prophetic gifts. She and Mike — her husband — co-founded Generals International in 1985. Cindy helps people walk in the ministry of prophetic intercession, equipping them to pray effectively for their families, cities and nations. She describes her call to the nations as “an inverted homesickness.”

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