Prophecy: Abounding in Your Field

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Barry Maracle

A Prophetic Word for This Year, Season and Era!

“Abounding in the fields.”

The Lord told me back in late January and early February of 2020 that in this season…

the ekklesia is awakening;

the ekklesia is arising;

the ekklesia is advancing; and

the ekklesia is about to abound!

It’s our time to abound in the fields of our obedience!

We’ve been awakened. We have been arising out of the past problems. We have been advancing to our fields of influence and now we are about to take our harvests and abound as answers appear right in the midst of all the darkness!

But before I prophesy any further into this year 2022, season and era, let’s go back to 2019.

[This is part of the word I shared coming into 2020:

a year to resound the sound and create with the Creator

(You can see the entirety of this word at barrymaracle.ca.)

Ladies and gentlemen, we as the church, the ekklesia of God, the ones called out to govern, are about to step into our greatest moments in kingdom history. Everything we have been standing for, believing for and training for has not been in vain. Yes, everything you have been going through has been training you for reigning! We are about to shine in the midst of all the darkness and be the answers the whole world has been waiting for!

The question is are we completely ready for what is about to take place? I would have to honestly say no, not completely, but God!

I say, “But God” because God’s grace is going to be made available like never before. The world is not going to be able to handle the difficulties they will be facing and we will be placed in the midst of all the impossibilities and bring order in the midst of chaos. It will be like the great and terrible day of the Lord. Things will be getting terrible in the world but the greatness of God will begin to be seen upon us, and the spirit of wisdom, knowledge, understanding, council, might and the fear of the Lord will begin to flow from us, exponentially.]

I was endeavouring to warn people to get ready, get ready, get ready!!!

As we entered into the 5780, the fall of 2019, every prophet I knew was prophesying about, “PEY”!

PEY is the numerical value of 80 in the Hebrew language.

So if you were walking down a street in Israel and you were talking about the year they were in, they would of said, “PEY,” meaning 5780.

Not only does PEY pictorially look like a mouth, but in Hebrew it actually means “open mouth.”

So 5780 to 5789 was going to be the decade of declaration; a decade of the open mouth.

PEY was supposed to be the “decade of declaration”!

God was going to roar through the church and that was all there was to that! The writing was on the wall and this was just the way it was going to play out!

There were many prophetic artworks of the lion of the Tribe of Judah, with an open mouth roaring!

Very powerful and very exciting times.

The year 2020 was coming and we couldn’t wait to see what our Lion of Judah, our resurrected Saviour, Jesus Christ was about to do!

After all, we knew this is when we were going to receive the fresh breath from the roaring lion; the very ruach hakodesh was about to blow on us and we were going to create this new day for the kingdom aaaaand… bamm!

2020 comes and the absolute opposite happens!!!

Read more of this powerful prophetic word by clicking the link. {eoa}

Barry Maracle is a fourth-generation Spirit-filled believer in Jesus Christ, a Mohawk raised on the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, Ontario, Canada. He now resides with his wife of 28 years, Tammy, in Belleville, Ontario.

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