A Season for the Aarons and Hurs to Arise!

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Aaron and Hur

I had a dream with you in it! I knew, even while dreaming the dream, that the dream was from the Lord. In the dream there was a very large house. It was similar to a castle or a fortress; therefore, I would interpret it as “kingdom.”

It was very clear in this dream that we must have the heart of the King in order to fulfill destiny.

In my dream, the fortress had many different rooms. As believers, we were searching for divine direction to accomplish and fulfill destiny. As we, as the redeemed (full of light), would enter into each room, the room would immediately light up! Yet, though we were in the room we were unable to locate the door to the next room (our next step toward fulfilling destiny). Suddenly, Jesus would appear by the door (after all, He is the door) and looked at us, the body, and said, “This is the way.” We went through this type of situation in every room.

My dream ended with my realizing that each intersection had a new door of entrance. At each entrance, the leaders in the body of Christ would go first, and others who served in the kingdom followed. I remember telling those who followed behind to be sure and go through this entrance together and not “lag behind.”

Timing Was Extremely Important 
The leaders would spearhead the way—but they were only empowered to do so as they followed Jesus, the captain of the Host! It was increasingly clear that we must all completely rely on and lean on Jesus for His directives. Leaning on Jesus has been a Christian cliche for years. It is not to be considered a passive term any longer. In Song of Solomon 8:5, it speaks of one who comes up from out of the wilderness—”leaning on her beloved.” The word lean is the Hebrew word which actually means “to recline.” However we, as believers, also know that we must labor to enter into rest.

I’m sure that many of you can relate to me when I say that I feel I have been through a wilderness experience and that it is time to come out of that wilderness. However, just as Solomon wrote … we come out “leaning” and “reclining” on Him. This means being completely dependent upon Him and His direction. Having faith in this season for great breakthrough involves spiritual warfare which seems like anything but resting and reclining, however, we must remember that Jesus has already won the victory!

There are two important areas of great significance that I believe are keys for the season ahead:

1. That we must break through religious mindsets for the new season.

2. This is a season where the leaders will be led with new instruction, but also—and this is very important—the Aarons and Hurs will hold up the arms of their leaders.

Now, I am fully aware that many of God’s chosen have been serving their leaders faithfully. However, in this season, there is a fresh breath of life being released from God’s throne to empower everyone called as an Aaron and a Hur! I believe that God is even calling forth Aarons and Hurs to hold up other Aarons and Hurs! This is because many have been weary and under demonic assignment, causing fatigue and even passivity due to physical and spiritual exhaustion.

In my book, Destiny Thieves: Defeat Seducing Spirits and Achieve Your Purpose in God, I discuss both of these keys in great length. We are living in very perilous times. There are various forms of seducing spirits that will rise up and attempt to steal destiny. I specifically discuss the “Amalekite spirit” that attacks those in the camp who are weak and feeble.

In my travels and communications with other leaders in the body of Christ, I notice the weariness many are feeling. The Amalekites were known to specifically wait behind a moving camp and prey upon those who lagged behind for one reason or another. Their goal was to take the stragglers captive as slaves or murder them and plunder their goods. Dear ones, whether ill or moving slowly from loss of vision, we need to be aware there is an evil spirit desiring to take us captive!

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