Vindication, Season 2

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Robert Caggiano

Option 1 Vindication Season 2 logo 96dpi

Option 1 Vindication Season 2 logo 96dpi
Pure Flix, the 8-year-old Christian content streaming service, brings back its popular faith-based police drama series, Vindication, for its second season. The successful series “has grown a devoted fan base for its ability to inspire faith while sparking deep thought about compelling crime narratives and issues of the day,” according to Pure Flix. Season Two sees lead character Detective Gary Travis wrestling with a slate of new challenges in his professional life while further obstacles confront his personal life and faith. The series is the creation of Christian filmmaker Jarod O’Flaherty. Pure Flix offers thousands of hours of God-honoring streaming programming in movies, television and original series. It is the leading “faith and family-friendly” video-on-demand service.

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