Power in the Blood

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Marlene Daniels

God has blessed my husband and me with four beautiful children. We’ve always prayed over them, and I thank God that all four are born again and Spirit-filled.

When our youngest, Matthew, was about 4 years old, I heard a talk given by a former witch, in which she revealed how the blood of Jesus Christ had hindered her attacks on certain children in her neighborhood. She found out later that children who had parents “pleading the blood of Jesus” over them had been protected from witchcraft.

This former witch admonished us to understand the power of “pleading the blood.” Immediately, I began adding this element to my daily prayers for my children.

About a week later, my son Joshua, who was 6 at the time, was chasing Matthew through the house. They were laughing and having a good time, when suddenly I heard a crash.

Our daughters began screaming and crying, “The baby! Hurry, Mom!” With a pounding heart, I ran into the living room, astonished to see that our front plate glass window was totally gone; Matthew had run into it.

When I looked out into the dark, I saw my precious 4-year-old lying face down in shattered glass; I could hear him crying. I ran outside, picked him up and held his face against my body.

I didn’t want my other children to be traumatized by what they would see, so I ran into the bathroom and slowly looked down. To my utter amazement, the glass had not cut Matthew.

One small nick was the extent of his injuries. I praised God! Later, my daughters told me they had heard neighbors talking. Actually, they were expecting an ambulance to arrive at our home.

The blood of Jesus is effective, and God is faithful!

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