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Judy Keller

One day I was working at my desk when one of my co-workers mentioned that Charles and Frances Hunter, the “Happy Hunters,” were holding their last healing crusade. She had read in Charisma about Frances Hunter’s bout with breast cancer.

Hearing about this, I felt as if someone had just flattened me. I thought, Frances Hunter, this wonderful instrument of God, how could this be? I have known the Hunters and been ministered to by them since 1988, when they came to my church and taught on healing.

Within minutes, I was crying, and my friend was praying for me. My co-worker asked me if the cancer I’d battled a few years before had returned. I confessed that I did not know because there were so many sensations and feelings that I was dealing with in my body and mind.

It was time for my second checkup after having undergone radiation treatments last year. My lab work had revealed something the doctors found suspicious that required further investigation.

The enemy was whispering thoughts and lies to me, as he so often does. I knew in my mind all the things I should be thinking and saying. But somehow the negative thoughts and emotions kept coming–and they were winning.

Then God reminded me of Scriptures He had given me through my three-year battle with cancer. He had prepared me for it before it began, and as I surrendered to Him, He walked me through every decision and acompanied me along every dark path.

Asking why is a natural human instinct, but I didn’t want to walk by the flesh; I wanted to walk by the Spirit. I had to choose to believe God’s report and not what the enemy was telling me or what I was feeling. I had to bring every thought captive to the obedience of Christ (see 2 Cor 10:5).

As I waited for the report of my tests, I stood on God’s promises. I learned that He is in control. He is sovereign, and I chose to take His Word personally.

Finally, my test results revealed no evidence that the cancer had returned. They did, however, find the presence of scar tissue, as my doctor had anticipated.

God showed me there is good and purpose in everything that happens to us. However, it is up to us to cooperate with Him in order to allow our circumstances to bring Him glory and honor.

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