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My three grandchildren are so eager to meet new friends. When 3-year-old Jenna came into the house I said to her: “I saw the new neighbor kids come over and talk to all of you on the driveway. Did you offer them something cold to drink?”

“Yes,” said Jenna, who was so proud of her manners, “and I showed them the flowers on my new underwear!”
Kathryn Hillis 
My 14-year-old daughter is a car fanatic. She can spot a Porsche Boxster at 1,000 feet.

When she sees a cool car, she’ll say, “Hey, Mom! Did you see that cool BMW go by? Sweet!”

Identifying cars is not my gift. I usually respond with a mumbled, “Was that the gray one or the red one?” She’d much rather ride with her dad, who can play the cool car game with her.

One day I asked her how she came to know all the makes and models in the car industry, while I could barely make out a Volkswagen Beetle in a parking lot.
Nancy F. Revie

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