Would You Travel to Israel With Marilyn Hickey?

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The main thing about the Holy Spirit is that He makes Jesus real! In his book, Holy Spirit: The One Who Makes Jesus Real, Michael Koulianos explains that today we’re in a resurgence of a new Jesus movement, and everyone is being called to carry the power of Scripture. Experiencing the Holy Spirit will birth a fire for more of Jesus. Michael encourages people to cultivate fellowship with the Holy Spirit because without Him, you cannot encounter Jesus. The greatest miracle is in giving your life to Jesus, and when the Holy Spirit is real, miracles happen in your life.

Have you ever considered taking a group tour with Marilyn and Sarah? Their next exciting trip is to Italy and Israel, May 3-14. You won’t just see sights—you’ll minister, prayer walk and participate in healing meetings. In Israel, travelers will worship on the sea of Galilee, visit Masada and the Upper Room, see the Pool of Bethesda and take communion in the Garden Tomb. You also can be baptized in the Jordan River. In Italy, you’ll visit Venice, the Vatican and enjoy a day trip to Florence. You get to be used by God, and you will never be the same.

John Ramirez is an evangelist and servant of Jesus Christ who came out of demonic worship and into the light of Christ. His book, Armed and Dangerous, shows Christians that we can aggressively come against the devil, armed and dangerous, without any fear or doubt. In the Bible, God gives us an awareness of who the devil is, and we should know how to pray spiritual warfare prayers. John’s book teaches you how to confront the enemy with the power of the Holy Spirit and gives you specific prayers to dismantle the works of the enemy. Learn how to fight—through your prayers.

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