The Only Viable Cure for Your Loneliness

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When you're forsaken, abandoned or left alone, remember you have an intercessor who understands.

“In all their affliction He was afflicted … and He lifted them and carried them all the days of old” (Is. 63:9).

The solution to loneliness is not to give in or give up, or do what everyone else does, or go where everyone else goes, or look like and speak like and think like and act like the world around you so you won’t stand out so sharply from the crowd. The solution is not to withdraw into an uninvolved, inactive life. The solution is found when you discover meaning in the midst of loneliness as God Himself shares your loneliness while you walk with Him and work for Him.

Two thousand years ago, another solitary figure stood out in history. He stood alone against all the visible and invisible forces of evil in the universe. The sin of all mankind was placed upon Him as He walked to the place of sacrifice, carrying His own means of execution. He was betrayed by one of His best friends and denied by another. Not one person stood with Him—not the blind man to whom He had given sight, not the deaf man to whom He had given hearing, not the lame man to whom He had given strength. He was crucified on a Roman cross alone so that you need never be alone—ever again. {eoa}

Anne Graham Lotz, the second child of Billy and Ruth Graham, is an acclaimed Bible teacher and the founder of AnGeL Ministries. She also is the author of books, including The Glorious Dawn of God’s Story and The Vision of His Glory, both from Word Publishing.

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