The Leviathan Spirit and the Crocodile Have This Dangerous Characteristic in Common

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Marti Pieper

The gift of discerning of spirits is multifaceted, but one important component is discerning different types of demons, says Jennifer Eivaz. The prophet and podcast host says it’s important to learn “how to discern certain things in the spiritual realm so that you can respond appropriately, respond intelligently, know how to pray through it, know how to cleanse your own heart.”

In a Take 10 With Jenn podcast on the Charisma Podcast Network, Eivaz discusses the spirit principality known as Leviathan which, she says, “is also known as the king of pride.” Here, she unpacks the truth about the Leviathan spirit.

Job 41, Eivaz says, describes this spirit principality in detail. The chapter starts out by asking, “Can you draw out Leviathan with a hook?” and ends with “He beholds every high thing; he is king over all the children of pride,” Eivaz explains.

“It’s talking about what appears to be a sea creature … a creature in the sea that was probably more known to our ancient friends than to us,” Eivaz says. “And so we have to ask a question: Are we talking about an animal, or are we talking about a spirit?”

The answer, she explains, is both. The Bible will sometimes “start out talking about something in the natural, but then it will take on spiritual dimensions,” Eivaz says. “And that’s exactly what happens with this sea creature known as Leviathan. … we begin to realize that this is also a standing metaphor for some kind of spirit. … When you read it, you’ll begin to understand that there are attributes that are associated with this sea creature that are also attributes of this spirit prince known as Leviathan, and so [Scripture] refers to it as “the king of pride.”

Eivaz goes on to say that the spirit of pride “wants altitude, and it seeks to invade the high places. It wants to infect people in high places because it’s a glory stealer; it steals the glory that should go to Jesus Christ. … Now, people infected by Leviathan .. they’re going to act higher and better and more superior than you,” she says. “They’re going to have a high and mighty attitude. You know, they deal with grandiosity and they fight unusually hard to be right—at your expense. That’s the nature of the spirit of Leviathan.”

“The closest word picture in the Hebrew for Leviathan is the crocodile,” Eivaz adds. “And what does a crocodile do? It will get you in its jaws, and it will thrash you until you’re too tired to fight. It tosses you back and forth, one way after the other, to make you give up. And when it attacks you, this spirit tries to confuse you.”

To learn more about how to combat the Leviathan spirit principality, click here.

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