Real-Life Superhero Retells Biblical Stories to Show Girls Their Own Superpowers

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Deborah is the last book in the Bible Belles series

Bible Belles, a Christian publishing company, is excited to announce the release of the fifth and final book in its H.E.A.R.D. series, Deborah: The Belle of Leadership.

The Deborah book concludes the five-book adventure series with Rooney Cruz as she learns about female heroes of the Bible, including Hannah, Esther, Abigail, Ruth and now Deborah.

With the angel Mari by her side, Rooney Cruz learns that God has given her four real superpowers: Prayer, Patience, Bravery and Loyalty. Her transformation into a superhero is almost complete, but one power is missing. As Rooney watches Deborah rise up and lead an entire nation to victory, Rooney realizes that true leadership means inspiring others and working together. In this final book in the series, Rooney learns that God is calling her to lead.

Will she be ready to answer the call?

Come along with our heroine, Rooney Cruz, as she becomes the greatest superhero of all–a Bible Belle!

“Bible Belles has become more than a business,” said co-founder Erin Weidemann. “For us, as parents of a young girl, it is personal. We are particularly aware of the challenges girls face today, and as we look forwardto the release of Deborah: The Belle of Leadership it is our continued prayer that these books will help young girls everywhere learn to see their real value and beauty in the Lord.”

In an effort to give our daughters positive role models, Erin and Brent Weidemann created the Bible Belles series.

Erin’s life experiences as a five-time cancer survivor, wife and mother inspired her to create a brand focused on inspiring girls and women of all ages to fulfill their destiny, redefine the world’s messages of beauty and worth and promote positive, powerful female role models in Scripture and modern culture.

The Bible Belles series uses five remarkable women from the Bible–Hannah, Esther, Abigail, Ruth and Deborah–to teach young girls how to feel confident about their worth, bodies, and purpose in t oday’s messy and challenging world.

Erin Weidemann authored the series, and the couple partnered with a Disney animator to illustrate the books.

Bible Belles is honored to be partnering with World Vision to support its mission of helping children around the world. For every Deborah book purchased, Bible Belles and World Vision will donate a Bible Belles book to a girl living in an under-resourced community in the United States.

Find out more about Bible Belles here.

Deborah: The Belle of Leadership from Bible Belles on Vimeo.

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