Marilyn Hickey: How to Break Generational Curses

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The dream of most married people is to be satisfied and happy. The book Pursue Oneness: Seven Key Strategies to the Relationship of Your Dreams will give you tools to enrich marital relationships and ways to help move someone into a relationship with Christ. You’ll discover how to meet the greatest desire of your heart for your marriage—to grow in friendship, companionship, romance and intimacy, and to experience closeness for a lifetime. Marriage is about serving God and one another. Learn how to remove hindrances that are blocking you from your relationship with Christ and with each other.

Too many people live under generational curses that are physical, mental or emotional. As Christians, we’re not under the curse; we’re under the blessing. Sins and trespasses are patterns in life that have been passed on to subsequent generations. In this podcast episode titled Breaking Generational Curses, we see that God’s blessings can extend to 1,000 generations. Jesus redeemed us from the curse. Break the pattern of wrong believing once and for all. “Breaking Generational Curses” will give you the keys to break curses. Jesus sets the captive free! Learn how to escape the curse and claim the Word and promise that brings the blessing.

God has a family plan, and it’s not for you and your family to live under curses. You don’t have to be an alcoholic or a thief; you don’t have to have cancer or be a drug addict. The podcast episode titled Blessing the Next Generation will bless you, your children and your grandchildren. There is power in the spoken blessing. The talents we see in our lives and our children are because God has special family blessings. But the blessing won’t work unless you speak it. “Blessing the Next Generation” will teach you how to turn around curses and bring blessings. Base your family’s future on truth. It’s your choice.

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