Make This Declaration During Times of Shaking and Stand Strong

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The world seems to be turning upside down. Yet you don’t have to cave into the pressure of the culture that wars against your faith.

Nothing shakes the Lord up. Our God is the King with an unshakable Kingdom and an unshakable covenant. My hope and prayer for you is that you will be a people of unshakable faith.

There is a shaking going on in the world today. Things are being turned inside out and upside down.

Your role in the midst of it is to see to it that you listen to what God is saying. Hebrews 12 reminds us that we are receiving His unshakable Kingdom, and in that, we can be thankful. Though things may be shaking in your home, your workplace and even in our nations, you can take courage and confidence in the steadfastness of God, His Word and His Kingdom.

Receiving His Kingdom requires action on your part. It takes strong personal initiative. It means getting rid of distractions and taking responsibility for His Kingdom to be active in your life and situations.

You’re going to be shaken if you’re not actively receiving.

If you love the world or are easily offended, you’ll be shaken. If you get upset because things don’t go your way or disappointments come along, you’ll be shaken. Allowing the wrong people to enter your life and influence you will put you on unsteady ground.

Determine and decide right now that you will serve God no matter what. Don’t back down in the face of adversity or persecution. Be strong and receive the unshakable-ness of God.

Make this declaration in the midst of shaky times: I have an unshakable faith in an unshakable God. I’ve counted the cost and it is worth it all. I will not be shaken out of the Kingdom of God!

Kathy Gray is a leading voice of revival. She is an author, speaker and co-founder of World Revival Church. Connect with her on Facebook.

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