When Bad Things Happen to Good People

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Perry Stone


One of life’s most perplexing mysteries is why bad things
happen to good people. We have all heard the stories of how the most dedicated
teenager in the church was abruptly killed in an automobile accident, or how
the beautiful young mother with three children is stricken with cancer and
suddenly passes, leaving her infants to be raised by loving family members. Why
the righteous suffer has always been an enigma.

There is no one set reason or explanation as to why bad
things happen. However, after years of ministry, I have some observations as to
what may, at times, help prevent bad
things from occurring:

  1. Avoid
    making wrong choices.
    A shortcut
    through a dangerous part of the city is not a wise choice. Leaving your
    wallet or purse on the seat of your car while you stop at a convenience
    store for a restroom break is foolish. Mowing the grass on a riding mower
    on a steep hill can get you killed. The barrel of a gun is not a small
    telescope to look through. When people make unwise choices, they can open
    the door to difficulty or tragedy.
  2. Don’t
    override better judgment.
    Years ago,
    a noted pastor was ministering in Kentucky and wanted to return to his
    church in Ohio for the next morning. The weather was bad so he was advised
    against it, but his personal desire overruled his better judgment. The
    plane crashed into the trees. When numerous individuals advise us not to
    do something, it is wise to pay attention since “in a multitude of
    counselors there is safety” (Prov. 24:6).
  3. Do
    your job properly.
    Years ago, my wife
    and I were having Sunday dinner with one of our spiritual sons. He had
    mentioned a few days prior that his brakes were going bad and he had to
    get them fixed. He either forgot or didn’t take the time to fix the
    problem. Bad brakes are like a loose electrical wire in a house—something
    bad could happen if they are not repaired. He had an accident, which took
    his life.
  4. Don’t
    be in the wrong place with the wrong people at the wrong time.
    Whomever you rub shoulders with will rub off
    on you. Many teens find themselves in dangerous, life-threatening
    situations—especially with drugs and alcohol—because of their friends,
    like magnets pulling them into sin.

All of the above examples were the results of people not
paying attention, not listening or not following wisdom, but there are many
times in life that circumstances occur over which we have no control. Some
examples are the effects of hurricanes, tornadoes, armed robbery, crime and
accidents caused by drunk drivers. In these and countless other examples,
believers feel helpless to defend themselves or their families. For this reason
we need to know and understand God’s ability, willingness and promises to
protect His people.

The Scriptures show that He has made covenant agreements
with His people that continue to impact us today (see Gen. 9:13-15; Gen.
13:15). For many years I have taught on the covenants of the Bible, emphasizing
the new covenant that was ratified by the blood of Christ. After further
research I observed that there was one covenant made between a father-in-law
and his son-in-law that I knew existed in the Old Testament, but I had never
identified it as a pattern for a practical covenant for believers until doing
detailed research. It is called the Mizpah covenant. This covenant has supernatural power to establish the
gate of heaven in your family’s
life—just as it did in Jacob’s, which will enable God’s angels to ascend and
descend from heaven as they provide protection to your family.

God’s angels are on assignment from God Himself. As you walk
humbly and obediently before your God, His angels will protect and defend you
and your family members. Christ Himself stands before our heavenly Father to
intercede on your behalf, as the Holy Spirit comes alongside to comfort you and
to pray through you, even though you are uncertain of what to pray.

Fasting forms a supernatural hedge of protection around you
and your family, and your prayers activate the angels as guardians of your
home. The power of your intercession overcomes the barriers of distance, and
the angels hear your call and rush to your assistance. Remember that God
Himself has given you access to His angels through your diligent fasting and

Bad things do happen to good people, but you can establish
this remarkable covenant in your life today, and begin to experience the
blessings of a covenant relationship with God. You and your loved ones are in
good hands!

Adapted from Angels on Assignment by Perry Stone, copyright 2009, published by
Charisma House. In spite of the dangers all around us the scriptures promise
that God can and will protect us. One of the promises is the Mizpah covenant,
which forges a protective barrier around you and your loves ones especially
when you are apart. To learn more order a copy by clicking on this link:



As October draws to a close this week, and the world
celebrates Halloween thank God that our times are in His hands, and His kingdom
will be established on earth no matter how it looks. Praise God that on this
same day, in His timing and in the midst of great darkness He raised up Martin
Luther and others to mark the beginning of the Protestant Reformation and
change the course of history. Thank Him for calling on modern day intercessors
to pray His will and bring reformation where needed. Continue to pray for
Israel, revival in our churches, the global spread of the gospel, and the
return of our nation to godly principles and righteousness.  Thank Him that no matter what you are
facing you are victorious in Him and you can count on Him to cover you and your
family with His angelic protection in these perilous times. Ps. 91; Gen. 31:49

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life and learn how to strategically pray with power by using appropriate
scriptures, we recommend the following sources by Apostle John Eckhardt:
Prayers that Rout Demons, Prayers that Bring Healing, Prayers that Release Heaven on Earth and Prayers that Break
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