We Are Called to Change the Political Landscape

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Bunni Pounds

In the wake of Jesus’ resurrection, a resounding mandate echoed: “Go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19). This charge, devoid of exemptions, applies even to those grappling with doubt. Jesus empowered believers and skeptics alike, emphasizing that their strength was not self-derived but rooted in His sovereignty.

The disciples, marked by moments of weakness and doubt, were entrusted with a seemingly insurmountable task. Yet, it was precisely in their weakness that Jesus’ authority shone forth. Despite doubts, denials and hiding, the disciples’ power to make disciples came not from themselves but from their obedience to the One with all authority.

The early church exemplified this empowerment, spreading the message of Jesus’ resurrection with unwavering conviction. Their obedience stemmed from a recognition that changing the world was not solely their responsibility but a partnership with the power of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. In Acts 1:8, Jesus assured them that, with the Holy Spirit, they would bear witness to the ends of the earth.

This timeless promise echoes through the ages, reaching modern-day disciples. The power of the Holy Spirit remains available to those who follow Jesus. Attempting to change the world through politics or government without relying on His wisdom and strength is futile. True impact comes from individuals transformed by His truth and wisdom, not from political endeavors alone.

God’s promise, “I am with you always, even to the end of the age” (Matt. 28:20), resonates in the hearts of believers engaged in the political sphere. The call to discipleship extends to every corner of society, from local councils to school boards, state houses, and even the heart of political power—Washington, DC.

In recognizing that God loves the nation’s people more than they do, disciples engaged in politics understand the profound impact of discipleship on individual lives. The transformation of hearts and minds can ripple through organizations and government systems, shaping the nation’s trajectory. The responsibility to effect change lies not only in the seats of power but in the hands of those committed to discipleship, understanding that the nation’s well-being hinges on the collective commitment to impactful leadership and active participation in government.

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