Two Thumbs-Up for Smart Technologies!

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I double-checked the message I had just texted to a close
friend on my new smartphone. I couldn’t help but smile!

I had just texted her a note of total encouragement—clocking
in, I’ll have you know, at just under 15 seconds! This was smart technology in
hand, and I was using my thumbs to put it to use with lightning speed!

Proud as punch, I decided to press a button to re-read my
note of “You are being used so greatly!” That was what I thought I had typed but, much to my horror, I found
something else: “You are being sued so greatly!” Oh dear.

I took some comfort when I remembered another friend who had
recently shot off a loving text message to her hubby at work—”You’re
simply THE BEST!”—only to find out that her lightning-speed typing had
sent him: “You’re simply THE BEAST!” (with “THE BEAST” shouting in bold capital letters).

As I sat and flexed my thumbs, I pondered the incredible
communication tool in my hand, and also its limitations. Our smartphones can’t
tell if you or I are throwing a “brick or a bouquet.” That means that
it’s up to you and me to find words that—no matter how rushed we are—encourage
and convey the feelings that we really intend.

Well, you and I can either look at the smart, in-hand
technologies as a threat to global peace (in the wrong hands) or a blessing
from God that will allow us as believers to show His love. After all, God is
love (see 1 John 4:8) and we are the Lord’s ambassadors
(see 2 Cor. 5:20).

To use our smartphones as an expression of the Lord’s love
for friends and family is a very good thing. But in this technological day and age,
we must be cautious not only of our tongues, as the Bible warms, but also of
our thumbs.

Be careful to send words of life and encouragement. But if a
mistyped word goes through or one comes your way, remember that “a merry
heart does good, like medicine” (Prov. 17:22)—God can use even a simple
text message to bring us His joy.


This week pray that the Lord will help you use everything at
your disposal to share His love, joy and words of encouragement to others. Ask Him to make you sensitive to His
leading when using all the technology available to us today. Continue to pray
for our military and their families as they serve in Afghanistan and other
parts of the world. Remember those
recovering from the ravages of natural disasters in Japan and other affected
nations. Ask God to unite believers to pray in one accord for His global
purpose, and to provide wisdom and protection for leaders of the free
world—such as our allies, President Obama and other government leaders. Pray
for the persecuted church, Israel and a new peace to come to the Middle
East. 1 Tim. 2:1-4; 2 Cor.

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