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Kathy Walters

Heart of God

It is normal for people—even non-Christians—to think about giving this time of year.

The Christmas season prompts most of us to hit the stores to pick out presents for those we love. Some of us are even moved to be benevolent to people we don’t know because of their unfortunate circumstances. But an experience I had recently convinced me once again that God does not want us to limit our blessing of others to only once a year.

I was “talking” online to a young man about business. As we were corresponding, the Lord gave me a word for him. He told me the young man had a prophetic anointing and that sometimes it’s OK to be extravagant.

I had no knowledge for the young man’s situation, but I felt the Lord showed me that he needed to do something extravagant for his wife. I told him this. In a subsequent conversation he said his wife was pregnant and things were a bit tight financially. But based on the word I had given him, he had gone home and told his wife that he was going to take her away for the weekend.

Later that day, the Lord spoke to me again. “Put your money where your mouth is, Kathie, and send the young man $100 for his weekend.” I wrote a card and sent off the check. I love to do things like that, so it wasn’t hard to part with the money. I just had a desire for the young man to know that God cared about him and his wife.

The following morning a friend called and invited me to lunch. On my way to meet her, the Lord talked to me more about giving. “I love My people to bless one another. I delight in it.” He told me.

I thought back to the days when my two daughters were young and at home. I remembered that when they had a spat or were mean to each other, or spoke in an ungracious way, or occasionally really got into it, my stomach would go into a knot. I would be grieved because I loved them both so much and didn’t want to see either of them treated badly. I also remembered how happy I was when they blessed each other or helped each other or did something nice for each other.

I believe that’s how God feels about our treatment of one another. He is happy when we bless others because our giving reflects the extravagant love He has for us.

When I reached my destination for the lunch appointment, my friend was standing outside the restaurant. “Wait a minute before we go in,” she said, “I have something for you in my car.” She came hurrying back with a huge, beautiful basket. Inside the basket were many lovely things that were obviously chosen with care by someone who knew what I liked.

As she handed the basket to me, she said, “I just wanted to bless you by giving something to you.” I was really touched. I could feel the delight of the Lord, not just because I had presents, but because she had treated me as He would have—with love.

You see, God is our Father, and we are being transformed into His image. The Holy Spirit is making us just like Him. In a supernatural sense, we are becoming “chips off the old block,” as the saying goes—partakers in His divine nature.

And His nature is to give—not just at Christmas, but also throughout the year. Why don’t you begin to look for ways to bless your brothers and sisters in the coming weeks? Let the Holy Spirit use you as a vessel of God’s love. Follow His prompting to give, and share in the Father’s delight as you gladden the hearts of His children.

Prayer Power for the Week of Dec. 8, 2014

This week thank God that He so loved the world that He gave—He gave His only begotten Son, who in turn gave His life so we could have the unearned and undeserved gift of eternal life. Follow His example and give of yourself in praise, worship and good works. Surrender your will to Him each day and ask Him what He would have you do that would please Him the most and bring Him the honor and glory He deserves. Pray for the churches and organizations that are serving Christ by providing food, water, education and meeting other material needs when presenting the gospel. Ask the Lord what He would have you do as well. Remember Israel, the persecuted church and our own government and spiritual leaders. Continue to pray for revival in our nation and the expansion of God’s kingdom throughout the world (Matt. 25:31-40; James 2:14-18).

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