Through This, You Can Discover the Inexhaustibility of God’s Power

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Tyrone Holcomb

Years ago, I heard a story that bespeaks the heart of a great truth. Allow me to share it in my own words.

The beach wave lapped soothingly upon the shore. Sunbathers soaked up rays while children ran and played in the sand. All was calm on the beachfront until the disturbing cries of a struggling man sent shock waves throughout the atmosphere. As his struggle to stay afloat intensified, more and more attention was drawn to his plight.

Seeing the man struggle was itself difficult to behold, but nothing could prepare the onlookers for what they’d see next.

Stationed nearby in the observation tower was the lifeguard, who appeared indifferent as he observed the man flailing about in the water. He didn’t move a muscle but gazed intently on the floundering man.

The fact that he didn’t seem to grasp the immediacy of the situation, grab his rescue gear and run to the water to save the man alarmed everyone. They began to yell at the lifeguard, beckoning him to do his job and save the man from sinking. It appeared the people’s cries fell on deaf ears because the lifeguard was unmoved. Yet, his attention remained fixed on the drowning man.

The man in the ocean thrashed around vigorously in an attempt to save himself. His yells were desperate; his rescuer, distant. The people on the beach demanded the lifeguard act immediately; but he disregarded them entirely.

Finally, the man in the water stopped struggling. As the man went under the water, the lifeguard sprang into action. Equipment in hand, he swam to the drowning man and pulled him to shore. Once on shore the lifeguard administered emergency procedures to his victim and the man revived.

The onlookers were astonished. They demanded to know why the lifeguard waited to perform the rescue. The lifeguard reassured them of his experience. He revealed that waiting was the best course of action. He explained that while the man was fighting, his strength would have hindered the rescue. However, once the man became too weak to struggle, the lifeguard was able to save the man from dying.

This analogy is reminiscent of where many of God’s people find themselves today. Some are struggling with stress while others are drowning in despair. Their countless cries for help reach the ears of God, but something halts the hand of God.

Could it be like the drowning man; the Lord’s hand is hindered from delivering the people who think they are strong enough to deliver themselves? It takes some of us longer than others to reach this conclusion, but eventually we all find ourselves at a breaking point. It is at this point we give up and He is able to come down with the requisite power to rescue and deliver.

The Apostle Paul learned God’s grace is enough to get us through any test, temptation, and trouble. In fact, this Bible legend discovered God’s strength is made perfect in our weakness (2 Cor. 12:9).

For this reason, He must increase and we must decrease (John 3:30). In so doing, we will discover the inexhaustibility of God’s power. And when our inadequacies surface, His limitless abilities come to the fore. In such times, it is an exchanging of our inadequacy for His sufficiency, of our weakness for His strength, of our less for His more.

More for Less


The bottom line is this: No matter where you are in life or what disadvantages present themselves to you, God’s overwhelming desire is to turn your disabilities into His possibilities, to make your breaking point His breakout moment for you to break forth and fully experience your breakthrough. {eoa}

Adapted from More for Less by Tyrone Holcomb, copyright 2016, published by Creation House. If you have been struggling to live the Christian life, this book is for you. It will show you that when you give up trying to do things in your own strength and surrender to God, He will bring the breakthrough you need. To order your copy click here.

Prayer Power for the Week of February 5, 2017

This week, surrender your fears to God and trust Him to turn your “disabilities” into His possibilities. As you continue to face the unknown in your life’s journey, thank Him for the promise that He will never, never, never leave or forsake you and that your future is secure in Him. Ask Him for the wisdom you need to make godly decisions and thank Him that He orders your steps. Continue to lift up the president and his administration during these transition days. Remember our allies and ask the Lord to give wisdom to those He has placed in positions of authority over our nation. Unite with others to pray for revival and more laborers for His harvest fields (Ps. 32:8; Ps. 34:4; John 16:33; Is. 41:10).

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