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Brenda Kunneman

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“What a mess!” my husband
and I both kept saying again and again as we threw our hands in the air. We
spent the entire day going through old boxes of things we had collected over the
years. We had set aside several days to clean out closets and storage spaces. We
found countless things we forgot we owned. Do you have some boxes like that—the
ones where you sort of know what is in them, but then again, not really? Most of
us have scores of them.

In those boxes we found old magazines, yearbooks,
old cassette tapes, pictures and keepsakes. Many had developed a musty smell
that comes from years of storage. Then we came to the boxes of things we had
saved from our early years together of marriage and ministry. After hours of
sorting, I found it. It was a piece of paper from a time in our lives when it
seemed that our dreams for the future were crumbling one by one.

It was
a prayer list we had made, much of which seemed so far-fetched. Some of the
items on the list were immediate needs that existed at the time, while others
were larger dreams and things we were asking God to do in the years to come,
much of which would take an absolute miracle to accomplish.

The day we
wrote it out years before, we had hung that long list of seemingly impossible
requests on our refrigerator. Every day we walked by it, and we would place our
hands on it and pray. We spoke aloud each time, reminding the Lord we were
expecting miracles. We quoted the Scripture verses we were trusting in regard to
it. We declared that each item would come to pass and we would see the hand of
God move. We spoke over the list believing for God’s intervention, even when it
felt like we weren’t seeing it.

Shortly thereafter, we moved to a
different house and, along with the rest of our household items, packed up that
list of prayer requests. Well, you know how it goes. You don’t always unpack all
those boxes. Actually, a few moves later and nearly two decades of marriage
later, the number of unpacked boxes in the garage and basement grew.

finally on a clean-out day, I read that list again written almost 20 years ago.
My eyes filled with tears as I read it. I suddenly realized that God has not
only answered the seemingly small things, but over the years He had also
answered every item on the list, way beyond even what we wrote down. He
even answered the things that seemed impossible. Again, in a flash, I was
reminded of all the miracles that we had seen during the last several years. We
had seen the power of God revealed from heaven again and again. The things we
had seen God do were nothing short of miraculous and it was mostly all related
to what was on the list!

At that moment, we were not only reminded of
God’s enduring faithfulness (and we apologized to the Lord for not acknowledging
His answers to these prayers sooner), but we also realized something else. It
was that every time we were putting our hand on the list taped to the fridge we
were releasing the power of God to work on our behalf. The supernatural God
inside us was releasing miracles; a river was flowing and bringing the answer,
and it didn’t stop flowing until every request was answered, even though we
didn’t realize it was happening at the time.

I have learned from this
experience not only that God lives in us, but also that the supernatural
God lives in us. He wants His supernatural power to flow through us to
accomplish the miraculous and do the impossible in our circumstances.

was talking with a woman who was struggling through a series of trials in her
life. Her take on her situation was that she was powerless to do anything but
wait and see what God would do. I knew she was committed to trust God, even if
the outcome was not what she hoped; however, let’s face it, she wanted the same
outcome we all want—the same outcome we wanted when we made our prayer list. She
wanted her trial to result in a miracle. She wanted a supernatural intervention
of God to turn her situation around.

If we are honest with ourselves,
that is really what we all want when we come to God, isn’t it? We want the power
of God to rescue us from the pain today so we can rise up and be a new person
tomorrow. Maybe what we have yet to realize is that the power of God is already
there. It’s in you in the person of the Holy Spirit ready to work and ready to
flow (see Acts 1:8). When the fullness of God’s Spirit is in you, there is
power, and it’s the same power that performed the miracle of raising Jesus
Christ from the dead (see Rom. 8:11). Tap into that power and watch Him do the
miraculous for and through you.

Adapted from The Supernatural You
by Brenda Kunneman, copyright 2009, published by Charisma House. This book
will show you how to tap into the river of the Holy Spirit within you to
experience the supernatural power of God working in and through you. To order a copy click on this link:

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