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Leonard R. Davidson

One of the things that good “Baptists” did not do back in
“the old days” was go to the theater. As a very young boy I wasn’t sure why,
but it seemed to have something to do with going to heaven, along with not
having long hair (guess that shows my age).

One summer, when I was about 9 or 10, my brother and I went
to stay with some adult friends in Albuquerque, N.M. They were a bit older than
our parents and had no children. We loved going and staying with Herman and
Cleo. This particular summer, the movie Bambi was in a theater in their city. Cleo decided to take us. She reassured
us that it would be fine and that she would take the blame.

I remember my emotions so clearly. Fear … coupled with
childhood excitement. We got popcorn and the lights dimmed as the movie came
on. The story opened with Bambi as a new fawn simply trying to get his legs
under him to stand up and walk. We then delighted in his adventures with his
friends, Thumper and Flower.

The music, songs and scenes made us smile and even laugh out
loud. Bambi even meets Felin, the little doe fawn. Love blossoms. What a joy!
Then, suddenly, out of nowhere, things changed. “Man,” as the movie calls the
hunter, disrupts the peace and quiet. In horror and fright we watched as
Bambi’s mother is shot and killed. Who shoots a baby’s mommy?

As if that wasn’t bad enough, a short time later the forest
is burned to the ground, once again by “Man.” First Bambi is orphaned and now
he is homeless. Suddenly I understood why Baptists didn’t go to movies. I can remember wanting to leave. This “movie” thing
was not what I had hoped.

Then, the scene changes dramatically. Springtime arrives.
New growth comes and lying in the bushes is Felin with two fawns. The camera
pans back and there stands Bambi on the bluff looking over his kingdom, the
proud “Prince of the Forest.” As horrible as things had gotten in the movie, I
was glad I stayed. The ending made it worth it all …

Look at Revelation 21: “Now I saw a new
heaven and a new earth … and I heard a loud voice from heaven saying,
‘Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and He will dwell with them … And God will wipe every tear from their eyes;
there shall be no more death.’ …
Then He who sat on the throne said, ‘Behold, I make all things new.’ And
He said to me, “Write, for these words are true and faithful’”  (Rev. 21:1-5, emphasis added).

This world we live in is full of sorrow, pain, tragedy and
trials. Sometimes, if you are like me, you feel trapped. Afraid. Wondering what
it’s all about. Remember this, the evil one, Satan, is the “prince of the power
of the air.” He runs free in this world. He has turned God’s wonderful creation
into his playground. Sin, filth, degradation and unforgiveness abound. Life
often seems unbearable.

However, here is the joyous good news. We know what the
end of the “movie” is.
Our Champion, Jesus
Christ, wins. His kingdom is restored. Alpha and Omega destroys the enemy once
and for all. There is hope, because we have His Word, which records the end of
the story for all to read.

As you journey this week in your Christ walk, rejoice. We know the end of the story. Life may be tough
right now. You might have some health issues, or experienced the recent loss of
a loved one. There may be strife in your marriage. You might not have enough
money to make ends meet. Do not lose hope! Just when you think the “movie”
could get no worse, your Champion will be there.

And in the end, we win in a big way. There will be no more
tears. No more mourning, or pain or even death, but life eternal. Everlasting.
And we will cry with the saints of all time, “Hallelujah! Salvation and
glory and power belong to
 Just hang on. The end of the “movie”—the end of the story, recorded for
all to read—makes it worth it all. I promise.


This week look beyond your circumstances and “enter His
gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise.” Thank Him that we can rely
on His Word and that what He has promised He will fulfill. Continue to lift up
Israel when you pray for our allies, and remember our military and their
families. Thank Him for the continual protection of our nation and pray for
repentance, revival and righteousness to permeate every aspect of our society.
Pray for your pastors, for unity in prayer and purpose and more laborers for
the harvest. Ps. 100:4; Rev. 21:1-5

To enrich your prayer
life and learn how to strategically pray with power by using appropriate
scriptures, we recommend the following sources by Apostle John Eckhardt:
Prayers that Rout Demons, Prayers that Bring Healing, Prayers that Release Heaven on Earth and Prayers that Break
Curses. To order any or all of these click here.

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