The Church Has Forgotten That Sex Is Holy

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Blood covenant is a sacred and holy covenant. We are in a blood covenant with Almighty God. The church today yearns for power, but power is in holiness. We need to open our hearts once again to the cleansing and purging of the Lord.

What is the difference between that which is holy and that which is common? Common is that which is regular, what we just do all the time without much regard, or something we take for granted.

Holy is that which is separate, set aside, special or precious, very separate. We have taken that which is holy and made it common.

God is wanting to restore the power, but we must walk holy before Him. We have holy matrimony, but is it holy or common?

Today we unite people in common matrimony; it’s not holy, and it’s not special in that we no longer reserve ourselves sexually for one person. Instead, we make what God has made special “common.”

This is a lot to consider in this day and age. We have forgotten sex is holy.

For more on how the church must return to a biblical view of sex, listen to Setting the Captives Free on the Charisma Podcast Network. {eoa}

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