The Choice That Made the Difference

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Randi White

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My mother passed away a few years ago. Before she died she confessed to me that she had had numerous abortions. I already knew this from listening to her testimony. She would speak of her regret and how grateful she was for the loving forgiveness shown on the cross for her sins. Still, as she would speak to people about her blindness in understanding what she did, her voice held a deeply abiding pain that only God could remove.

The unveiling of her story was hard to hear. Even though abortions were illegal then, there was never a time when she could not obtain one by a licensed physician. They were done in their offices after hours, with an attending nurse and complete aftercare; certainly not the stories of back alleys that one might imagine.

My mother said, “Even though I would feel a deep emptiness, and sometimes sorrow, I would soon justify that it was necessary and move on.” She said that she was very cold. She tried to believe that it wasn’t really a baby at all, as the doctors would say. But the stark empty, cold feeling would always return to her.

“I am sure that they don’t tell women that part of it when they go to have abortions. Only my salvation in Christ removed that emptiness,” she said before she died.

But what I wasn’t prepared to hear from my loving mother, who led me to the Lord and taught me of His wonderful ways, was her joy over a decision she made one night. She had scheduled another abortion when a powerful force came over her and brought strong conviction. This time she could not do this terrible thing, and then she turned to me and said, “It was the time that I was pregnant with you!”

“Your father and I had gotten married and I had become disenchanted with him and wanted a divorce, but I was pregnant with you. I decided that I didn’t need another child to take care of. However, that time was different. I didn’t understand it, but I knew that I could not go through with the abortion. It was the beginning of my search for salvation and the love that came to me from having you.”

My father and mother went on to have two more children with a marriage that lasted until she passed away, and she left behind a strong legacy of witness for our Lord Jesus.

Now my husband and I have a ministry to individuals dealing with alcohol and drug abuse. Crosspoint Ministries reaches out to the homeless and mentally ill, as well as those in need of freedom from their addictions. We clothe, house, train, counsel and minister to people no one wants.

My husband has a master’s degree in mental health and we now have bed space for up to 55. We have ministered to more than 1,250 people. We’ve seen 850 conversions and baptisms. Several thousand have received prayer ministry and food. It is humbling but awesome to see God’s power at work. I am amazed at His goodness.

If my mother had chosen abortion I would never have had the opportunity to enjoy what I do today. I just wonder what contribution to mankind the 45 million people who were aborted in this country alone would have made if they had been allowed to live.It boggles the mind. Think of the loss of possibilities—great minds, loving mothers and fathers. Think of the loss of those men and women who could have made differences in the world but were deprived of their chance to fulfill a destiny. Think of the many lives God could have used to witness of His salvation. What a massive loss!

I am so grateful to our heavenly Father that He gave me life and that I am living it and giving back to His kingdom. Although my life began at conception, my mother could have chosen to end it, but she first heeded the tug of conviction to allow me to live and then the wooing of the Spirit to receive Christ. That choice made all the difference.

So how can we vote for a political party that supports aborting the lives and destinies of those God intended to live? I cannot—and I trust that you will join me in voting for one who believes in the right to life rather than the choice to end it. 


This week thank God that He knew you before you were conceived and that He already had a plan and destiny for you. Face each day with gratitude for that plan and thank Him that He is directing your steps to fulfill it. Align yourself with God’s Word and ask Him to give you His wisdom and clarity of thought to vote His will and way in the upcoming elections. Pray that believers would come together in one accord for God’s purposes and the spread of the gospel. Lift up Israel, our military and their families. Ps. 139; James 1:5

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