Thank God for His Gifts

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Ruth Lopez-Whitfield

I recently celebrated a birthday and was blessed with a
barrage of cards and gifts. Well-wishing friends and relatives called, sent
cards, gave gifts and took me to lunch.

I thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience. I felt loved and
special. The years, which are considerable, seemed richer as I faced yet
another chapter of my life.

Although I received some wonderful gifts, what I valued most
was the love expressed by those around me. I realized that the greatest gifts
were not the things I had received but the people God had brought into my life.

Material things come and go—they wear out, go out of style,
depreciate, and get old and worn. But love and its expression among those of
like faith is eternal. This special love from God, which the Bible calls
“agape,” and these relationships will go on forever. 

They will not wear out or grow old; they will grow richer.
They are priceless treasures that will only increase in value. 

God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, Jesus (see
John 3:16). Jesus so loved that He gave His life in order that we could be
forgiven and become adopted sons of God and joint-heirs with Him. But beyond
that and as a special bonus, He gave us each other and joined our hearts in His

What if, after all that, we refuse to accept His gifts? What
if we receive the gift of eternal life but are not willing to love the people
He brings into our lives or allow them to love us? What if we choose to keep
these expressions of God’s love at a distance, as I once did? We will miss so

As I look at the array of gifts in my living room, a warm
sense of gratitude overwhelms me. How thankful I am, Lord! Not just for the
tangible expressions of Your love given through Your people but for the
intangible expressions as well—wise counsel, prayer support, laughter, sharing
in good times and bad, admonition, instruction and mentoring.

I understand now that each person is a gift from the Father
to someone. Each one comes in a different package, a different shape, size and
color. But each one is a reflection of His love. 

In becoming more like Him, we become eager to share
ourselves and the love He so generously pours into our hearts toward others
(see Rom. 5:5). We gratefully receive those He brings into our lives as special
gifts from Him, regardless of the packaging.

This Thanksgiving, when we express our gratitude to God for
His salvation, His presence and all the material things He has given us, let’s
not forget to thank Him for our family and friends—and the gift of love He has
blessed us with through them.


This week receive all the “love” gifts God sends you through
family, friends, new relationships, outreaches and opportunities to connect
with others. Pray for their salvation, healing, wholeness, deliverance,
prosperity and blessing.  Ask God
to show you how to specifically reach out to the lonely, lacking and
needy.  Expect Him to lead you to
the ones He desires you to bless and make an effort to carry His love and
presence to them. Remember Israel, our military and their families, and
continue to pray for our nation. Before you embark on the busyness of the week,
schedule time alone with God to make Him a priority, seek His counsel and
receive His peace. Rom. 5:5-8 

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