While Physical Wars Rage On, This Conflict Is the Most Crucial of All

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War. The terrible, devastating, genocidal war against Ukraine by Russia continues.

As I sat and listened to my new pastor friend from Ukraine, it was hard to grasp the terror his people were suffering. Yet the stark reality of death and destruction was in my face every day across the news and from his lips.

The world is fixated on the battles Russia is waging in Ukraine while 40 other conflicts are being waged throughout the world. The focus on Russia is because it is a superpower and is easily filmed in Ukraine. Add to this new normal, this war could lead to World War III or even a nuclear war. The world could once more be on the brink of destruction.

Yet there is a greater war that is happening not just in our physical world but also in the spirit realm. The stakes are the highest in human history as the destiny of humanity hangs in the balance of who wins and who loses. The good news is we already know Jesus has won this cosmic war for us.

The Book of Revelation makes it clear that Satan and his angels are making war on the followers of those in covenant with God, who carry His seal of protection as opposed to the mark of Satan (13:16-18). How does this warfare express itself in the world? Revelation answers that question in chapters 14-20; Jesus, along with His followers, will defeat Satan and all of his evil followers.

If we are to win any war, we have to know our enemies and the territory we are fighting for. This war for the soul of humanity is fought in the spirit realm and in the physical realm. We fight against Satan and his fallen angels, who have spiritual and physical territory on the earth.

In chapter 14 we are given a vision of Jesus along with one branch of His mighty army doing battle, which leads the way to victory. These holy warriors number symbolically 144,000 (Rev. 14:1-2). They take the gospel to the entire world to claim the spiritual and physical territory of the Lamb.

The first to fall in this war is Babylon (Rev. 14:8). The second to fall will be those who worship the beast and his image, who are in covenant with the beast and carry his mark (14:9-11). I define this beast as secular humanism and all who buy into this end-time ideology and worldview that man has replaced God as the one who determines our destiny.

Make no mistake, and do not be deceived; we are in a fierce battle with those who reject Jesus and have replaced His way, His truth and His life with their own lies and deception. These people are not just atheists and agnostics but are in the church, in false religions and throughout all the nations and cultures of the world.

Chapters 17-20 give us more details as to what Babylon is and who the followers of Satan and the beast are. Babylon is described as a great city and an entire world system of evil. She is also described as a mystery, the mother of harlots and the abominations of the earth who gives birth to the increasing evils and systems that enslave and indoctrinate generations of people into false worldviews.

Babylon’s evil entangles the world leaders and people in government and commerce. It takes over educational training and teaching. This global system not only carries on the business of the world but also all the expressions of Satan and his kingdom. Sex trafficking, abortion, pornography, illegal drugs, all the underworld of addictions and lewd behavior, all that is unclean in the eyes of God, abusive behavior, oppression of people, racism, idolatry … the list is almost endless.

Revelation tells us this will all collapse in a very short period of time. At the heart of this fall is the world economic system. It will be made desolate (Rev. 18:19). Desolation is also the prophetic word from Daniel on all that oppose God. Study Daniel 9. To be desolate means to be left in ruins. Desolation is an existence like a bombed-out building with no habitation of life.

Heaven will rejoice at its demise and destruction, for it was the persecutor of the prophets and the saints of God, killing them and spilling their blood (Rev. 18:20-24). Remember their prayers in Revelation 6, the fifth seal that was opened as the martyrs cry out to God to avenge their suffering and death.

Jesus will then return from His heavenly throne to defeat the beast (secular humanism), the kings of the earth and their armies (Rev. 19:11-21). This will be a spiritual slaughter as well as a physical defeat. Satan will be bound and imprisoned. In the end all will be cast into the lake of fire after Jesus sits on His throne to judge the nations and the peoples of the earth (20:1-15).

We can see from circumstances today that all of this is rapidly coming to a climax throughout the world. I have given us just a brief overview of all that will develop in the spirit realm and in the physical realm. We can witness the intense battle that is taking place as Satan knows his time is short. Secular humanism is determined to replace God and impose its rebellion upon every person on earth. It will not rest until it has every knee bow and every tongue confess that the beast is lord.

Interesting how the cancel culture wants to silence our speech and tongues!

The great news is that their evil efforts will fail. Jesus and His people will triumph. Secular humanism will devour Babylon as per the judgment of God. There will be no place in heaven or on earth for evil to remain. Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess Jesus is Lord.

God will come in His glory and presence as the Father and Son. Jesus will establish the New Jerusalem or new world order of holiness and righteousness. We will worship our Creator for all eternity. We will be free at last from sin and death to know only the eternal blessings of God.

This is why Revelation was written to the church around AD 90: to assure the persecuted believers that Jesus is in charge. Despite the appearance that Satan and evil will triumph, God’s plan of salvation will be victorious. In Revelation, the saints are told to be patient; God in Jesus Christ will answer their prayers (6:9-11; 14:12-13). He will avenge their deaths. The rest of Revelation is Jesus’ promise to bring judgment on Satan and his world system of evil.

God’s Word brought these believers who were suffering tribulation comfort and strength. Their faith in Jesus was not in vain. They would know a new heaven and a new earth. Jesus would do this by making all things new. No more tears, suffering or death. The blessings of God would bathe them in His glory forever.

Revelation was written for us to know this same comfort and hope as the world descends into the end-time global warfare in the spirit and in the physical realm. We should rejoice that we are called to partner with Jesus, to be His messengers of hope and life as described in chapter 14.

We have been given this revelation knowledge and truth to awaken the world to Jesus and His salvation. His love does triumph. The Holy Spirit will provide all we need to act as partners with Jesus. We are promised dreams and visions as per Acts 2, and all we need to accomplish Jesus’ vision to prepare the world for His return! “Lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age” (Matt. 28:20, NKJV). {eoa}

Awaken Ministries is under the leadership of Blake Lorenz Family Ministries. Blake is the president of this nonprofit ministry. It has been going into the world to awaken the church, the nations and Israel to the return of Jesus for over 12 years. Blake has been doing world evangelism for over 20 years. He was also a pastor for 25 years.

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