The Event That Will Capture the World’s Attention

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Larry Huch

Many exciting events will take place during the end times. As we are already experiencing, there will be birth pangs that include: catastrophic weather, pandemics, earthquakes, economic upheavals and shifts in governments and world leaders. The Word of God declares that will only be the beginning of sorrows. Many believe that the church, those who are true believers in Jesus, will miss the seven years of the Tribulation. Instead they will be caught up in what has been called the rapture. Those left behind will experience a roller coaster of events unheard of in the history of the world. What could possibly get the attention of the entire world at this point?

Two witnesses will fulfill that task. Even though their identity is not clear from the book of Revelation, some believe they will be Moses, who God gave the first five books, or the Torah, and the 10 Commandments, and Elijah the prophet. For 1,260 days, they will prophesize and perform mighty signs. Then they will be killed. Their dead bodies will be in the street for three and a half days for all to see. The inhabitants of the Earth will celebrate their murders but a surprise is coming. Three and a half days later, they are resurrected and God Himself transports them to heaven. What an amazing event! Yet, as with other life-shattering moments, the end is not yet. Many things still will happen before the final battle of Armageddon and the start of the millennium. Be prepared. Learn to read the signs of what God is speaking in this week’s Standing With Israel podcast episode: The Event That Will Capture the World’s Attention. {eoa}

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