Steadfast Faith Healed Her Paralysis

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Steve Hannett

Blood was everywhere. The drunk driver collided with the family when they were on their way back from church service. Angela’s 15-year-old body laid lifeless in the car. Nevertheless, the family refused to accept death, and they prayed.

Suddenly, a gust of wind blew over the car, and her lifeless body gasped for air as she miraculously regained consciousness. This was the beginning of a long list of miracles God performed as He showed Himself faithful to His Word as prayer went forth with steadfast faith!

Steadfast faith is an immovable and unshakeable faith that looks at nothing but God and His Word. It’s a faith that remains strong in the face of adversity and trial. It’s the kind of faith celebrated in the Bible in such lives as Abraham, Joshua, Daniel, David, Esther and the early disciples who gave their lives to spread the Good News of the gospel.

Steadfast, unwavering faith is the kind of faith that, like Jacob, prays and says, “I will not let go of You until You bless me.” (See Gen. 32:26.) It’s the kind of faith that faces down giants, walks on water and heals the sick! Today is the day for miracles, and our heavenly Father is calling each of us to hear, receive and act upon His Word with nothing less than supernatural, mountain-moving faith!

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God performed creative miracles, astounded doctors and brought deep healing to what seemed like an impossible situation. It’s time for your breakthrough. Listen now to the rest of this amazing story and grow steadfast faith! {eoa}

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