Morning Rundown: God’s Hand Seen in Miracle of Baby Surviving Tornado

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God’s Hand Seen in Miracle of Baby Surviving Tornado

In a remarkable story of survival and faith, a Tennessee family experienced a tornado that tore through their home, leaving them with only the clothes on their backs. However, their 4-month-old baby miraculously survived the ordeal after being swept away by the storm and was found in a nearby tree.

On Dec. 16, the EF-3 tornado struck Montgomery County, Tennessee, leaving six people dead and more than two dozen injured. Sydney Moore, her boyfriend and their two children were inside their home when the tornado hit. The tornado destroyed their mobile home and belongings, but the family’s faith in God remained unshaken.

Recalling the terrifying event, Moore shared that something in her told her to protect her 1-year-old son by jumping on top of him. “The moment I jumped on him, the walls collapsed,” she said. Her boyfriend could see the tornado engulf their home before it was ripped apart. The baby’s bassinet was picked up by the tornado, and Moore’s boyfriend lunged to rescue the baby, getting thrown out of the home along with the infant.

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The Prophetic Missing Link of the Sign of Christ’s Return

In a recent revelation that has stirred the hearts of many believers, Evangelist Perry Stone shared a profound dream pointing towards a prophetic missing link related to the return of Christ. On the morning of Tuesday, May 9, 2023, the dream unfolded, featuring a man dressed in white delivering a cryptic message: “The secret is in the birth pain cycles.”

Drawing inspiration from Sir Isaac Newton’s assertion centuries ago that a body of men would arise to focus on literal interpretations of prophecies during the end times, Stone turned attention to Daniel 12:4. The verse highlighted a time when knowledge of God’s purposes, as revealed by His prophets, would increase significantly.

Decoding the Signs: Biblical

As humanity approaches the anticipated return of the Lord, Stone reflected on historical global calamities, such as 9/11, the COVID pandemic and natural disasters, raising questions about whether these events signify divine judgment or mere incidents. Delving into Leviticus 26, he provides insights into the biblical perspective on calamities and their potential connection to disobedience, while urging believers to remain vigilant and attuned to unfolding events.

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116 Soldiers Embrace Jesus After Church Steps Out in Faith

An Oklahoma pastor whose church recently made headlines after seeing 116 Army soldiers accept Jesus said the mass embrace of faith was the result of his congregation stepping out in faith and trusting in the Lord.

Mike Keahbone, senior pastor of First Baptist Church of Lawton, told CBN Digital his church normally puts on its annual Living Christmas Tree musical, a massive Christmas show, for one weekend during the holiday season.

But this year, the church’s worship pastor, Xavier Abraham, wanted to do something a bit different.

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