Marilyn Hickey’s Best Advice for Starting Your Day With a Miracle

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One of Marilyn Hickey’s best pieces of advice is to start your day by saying what God says about you. You are beloved and valued, and in Jesus Christ you have wisdom, righteousness, sanctification and redemption. God has something so wonderful for you today.

Do you believe that? Do you need a miracle? Then ask yourself what is in your hand.

Too often, we look for something outside of our hand to be our miracle. But the scriptures say that God looks for what is in your hand. What you have is what you can sow. What leaves your hand, produces. God never just gives one harvest; He continually gives you harvests. Get your faith propelled into God’s kingdom and what He has for you. Release your faith and become supernatural.

Do you know that health is a state of being that affects everything: spirit, soul and body? Dr. Janet Maccaro has doctorates in both holistic nutrition and natural medicine and is a certified nutritional consultant. In her book, A Woman’s Body Balanced by Nature, she explains how women can balance their bodies—body, mind, spirit.

When a woman is balanced, she’s joyful, healthy, inspiring and can motivate others. When she loses her balance, she becomes anxious, depressed and hopeless—and that’s infectious. Dr. Maccaro’s book is a women’s health protocol that will teach you how to get, and stay, in balance.

Women, have you taken responsibility for managing your finances? You should. In Deborah Pegues’ book, One-Minute Money Mentor for Women, she gives you 21 strategies for financial empowerment.

Women should have a high quality of life, and to do that they need to be informed about finances. Pegues’ advice will help you to know where you stand and what direction you should go to have healthy finances. As she says, “Money is your servant, when you are His servant.”

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