Man Who Sees Angels and Demons Breaks His Silence

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Blake K. Healy releases his third book about seeing in the spirit, Indestructible: Fight Your Spiritual Battles From the Winning Side, in February 2020. His first book, The Veil (Jan. 2018), was about how he came to understand the angels, demons and spiritual things that he sees. His second book, Profound Good (Feb. 2019), explained how this gift was designed to draw Christians into a deeper, more personal relationship with God.

Now, in Indestructible, Healy opens up about a topic he was previously reluctant to address: spiritual warfare. Healy teaches readers how to become spiritually indestructible by using strategies such as the following:

—Invite God into the daily moments of life.

—Honor the different parts of the body of Christ.

—Allow rest and fun to nourish a joyful heart.

—Forge friendships that honor God.

Regarding the latter bullet, Healy says, “Ninety percent of the spiritual warfare I see would be completely solved by learning to develop healthy, connected and vulnerable friendships.”

He always had a hard time talking about demons: “It is because most people are either so frightened by the topic that they would rather avoid it completely or so focused on it that I am hesitant to stoke the fires of their fixation. Also, I find it difficult to give attention to the plans and purposes of the enemy when there are so many plans and purposes of heaven to be seen.”

On top of that, Healy reasoned that there were already plenty of books about spiritual warfare. But he heard the Lord speak to him, “I want you to write your book on spiritual warfare.”

Having been able to see angels and demons for as long as he can remember, Healy offers a unique perspective to Christians in the face of evil. Despite his hesitation, he has longed to share his insight with others.

“For 30 years I had watched people suffer at the hands of the enemy. I watched people fall prey to the same traps over and over again; be baited into needless bitterness; spend decades battling a meaningless, paper-thin lie and be tricked into believing in a carefully crafted illusion,” he says.

Indestructible marks Healy’s break from silence as he teaches readers how to fight evil forces from the winning side. {eoa}

Blake K. Healy is one of the senior team members at Bethel Church of Atlanta in Georgia. He is also the director of the Bethel Atlanta School of Supernatural Ministry. He lives in Peachtree City, Georgia, with his wife, April, and their four wonderful children: Haydon, Finnley, November and Ender. For more information or to contact Blake, visit

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