How You Can Shift Your Atmosphere and Cast a Shadow of God’s Glory

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Matt Sorger

The more we learn to cultivate God’s inward presence, the greater the overflow of His glory will be from us. This is what Peter experienced in Acts 5. As he walked down the street, his shadow healed the sick and set the oppressed free He had a glory zone of God’s power all around his body. It radiated from within his heart.

We can walk in the same manifest glory and power. What we choose to fill up our insides with will determine what overflows from us.

Think about how you get a shadow. You stand in the light. When light shines on you, a shadow is formed. The same is true in the Spirit. When you stand in the light of God’s presence, He overshadows you, and you receive a “shadow” filled with God’s presence.

As you spend time in God’s Word and allow God to fill you with His presence during worship, eventually your spirit will overflow with God’s nature, likeness and power. You will radiate His glory! You will release joy, peace, healing and freedom to everyone around you.

You were created to be a vessel of glory. I know God has more for you, and I want to help you get there! Don’t let another day go by living below the fullness of all God has for you!

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