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Steve Hannett

Have you seen the popular TV show called The Voice? It’s an American singing competition where four coaches, who are also professional singers, hit a red button if they want the contestant on their team.

What are the coaches listening for? What attracts them to the sound of a singer? Is it tone, talent, pitch? Maybe it’s something more like passion, power or the purpose of their song?

What does our Almighty Father desire to hear from the believer’s voice? Is it long prayers that impress men? No. Is it fancy, theological suppositions? No. The Father desires to hear His redeemed children lift their faith-filled voices, declaring His Word with power, authority and confidence! (See Matthew 21:21.)

It’s a great tragedy that many Christians seemed to have lost their voices. They have become timid, fearful, quieted and, in some cases, even ashamed. As defined by Merriam-Webster, “cancel culture” carries the idea of mass canceling to show disapproval.

Is it something new? Not at all. Satan has been trying to cancel the Word of God since he spoke to Eve in the Garden of Eden, and we must no longer be silenced! (See Genesis 3:1.)

It’s time Christians once again discover the power of their voices in prayer, worship, declaration, supplication, proclamation and exultation. We must, like Joshua’s generation, learn to shout when God says to shout. Jesus Christ told us to release our faith to move mountains by speaking. Yes!

God didn’t teach us to “think” to the mountain. He didn’t teach us to write to the mountain. He told us to speak to the mountain! (See Matthew 21:21.) Great power is released when we speak what God speaks. {eoa}

Pastor Steve Hannett was miraculously healed of cancer during a supernatural encounter with God. This encounter with Jesus Christ forever changed the course of his life and created a God-breathed passion for seeing the healing power of Jesus touch all. He hosts the Be Healed podcast on the Charisma Podcast Network and The Miraculous Life, a TV program reaching more than 180 nations. He is the author of three books, the founder of the church network EveryHouse and the senior pastor of Abundant Grace Church in Rutherford, New Jersey. He leads the EveryHouse School of Leadership and is married to Pastor Kate Hannett; they have three beautiful children.

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