Deliverance Ministry Has Become Increasingly Difficult in Recent Years—Here’s Why

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Rachel Sammons

Pagani shares brand-new biblical strategies and his own experiences for evicting the demons in the

Alexander Pagani began noticing how even the most seasoned deliverance ministers were struggling to locate and expel demons from people in need. Individuals would think they were free from demonic bondage, only to be blindsided by another oppressive force. In his book The Secrets to Deliverance: Defeat the Toughest Cases of Demonic Bondage (May 1, 2018), Pagani writes on what God shared with him about strategically and powerfully overtaking the enemy.

For Pagani, one experience changed everything. God revealed to him how demons lodge themselves in hidden areas of our lives.

“Deliverance is less like a maze that you can trace your steps to find your way out of and more like a labyrinth. In a labyrinth nothing is where it should be, and nothing is as it seems. It’s a series of trap doors, backward stairs and small doors, and what you thought was the exit actually places you right back at the beginning,” Pagani says.

He writes on how demons want Christians to keep applying the strategies the church learned in the 1970s because they know those approaches are now outdated and ineffective. Pagani shares brand-new biblical strategies and his own experiences for evicting the demons in the “rooms” of your soul and body.

Deliverance ministers will be equipped to take authority over demonic oppression and help others “clean house” so that they can live the life God intended for them. The Secrets to Deliverance features prayers, declarations and instructions for eradicating the most resistant demons.

Pagani is the founder of He Is Risen Tabernacle in Bronx, New York. He is an apostolic Bible teacher with keen insight into the realm of the demonic, generational curses and deliverance. An internationally sought-after conference speaker, he takes an uncompromising approach to the Scriptures and has been involved in more than 400 deliverance sessions. He has appeared on various television networks, including TBN and The Word Network. An honorary graduate of Central Pentecostal Biblical Institute, he carries a spirit of wisdom and discernment to unlock secrets of the kingdom with signs and wonders following his ministry.

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